Piano cover to buy what material good piano cover how to choose

We all know that the piano cover can play a role in protecting the piano. In addition to preventing dust from accumulating on the piano surface, it can also prevent the piano surface from being worn out. So what kind of piano cover to buy good, piano cover how to choose it, to learn together!

Piano cover to buy what material is good

1. There are many kinds of piano cover materials. The most common is the piano cover made of plastic material. This kind of material is cheap, it does not fall but it has poor air permeability. If there is a temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, a lot of mist will accumulate in the hood, and if the air does not circulate, it will easily cause the piano to be damp and adversely affect the piano.

2, piano cover and cotton material, this material is more advantages than plastic material, good air permeability, good water absorption. However, it is often necessary to take the cover cloth out of the sun, otherwise damp cotton cloth can also cause the piano to get wet.

3, piano cover cloth and lace, cotton and other fabrics, these materials cover cloth is very good, in general, cover cloth must be selected for good air permeability, easy to clean, will not cause static material, such as Cotton, linen, and cotton are all very nice.

How to choose piano cover

First, the size of the piano cover is the most important thing to look at the size of the piano, piano cover cloth to buy according to the size of your piano, model to set, so when buying a piano cover must be purchased in accordance with the size of the piano.

Second, the fabric next piano cover fabric selection is also very critical, piano cover the best fabric in two, one is high-grade velvet, this fabric is relatively thick, good gloss, feel and texture are very good, looks very Grade. The other is high-grade lace. The fabric is relatively thin, and there is a layer of lining inside, so that the piano cover of lace is more romantic.

Third, the appearance of the selected piano cover cloth, the last one is its appearance, selection looks good piano cover cloth, can make the room more warm and the whole atmosphere at home look more elegant and gorgeous. Choose the piano cover, mainly to see its color, pattern, you can refer to the color of other furniture at home, and then determine a main tone, so that the color and beauty of the entire bedroom are consistent. If your furniture is relatively bright, then the piano cover can be selected light-colored, transparent color, so that the color does not look so different; and the furniture is darker, then the piano cover can choose purple, black , this flower looks more graded.

What kind of piano cover to buy good, piano cover how to choose the content is over, I hope to help everyone! The piano is not only a musical instrument for us, it is an art, but now the piano price is not cheap, so it must be well maintained, it is necessary to put it on a beautiful piano cover.

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