Fingerprint lock what material should be selected?

Fingerprint locks need to look at materials and choose the appearance and color, entrance door, fingerprint lock material is the most important, after all, fingerprint locks are exposed to the outside if the material is not good for a long time to be damaged. Then select the fingerprint lock should choose what material? The following small series to tell you.

At home and abroad, the pursuit of the high-end locks market has gradually increased. At present, it has attracted the attention of many manufacturers in Siu Lam, and plans to actively practice. They all believe that the fingerprint lock, China's manufacturing and sales industry is fully capable of doing something in this regard.


For the selection of the fingerprint lock style, people have their own good, this part is not conclusive. In general, look at materials and shapes and colors. At present, the fingerprint lock material on the market is mostly made of stainless steel and zinc alloy, and also has aluminum alloy and plastic. If it is the entrance door must be selected stainless steel or zinc alloy, if it is bedroom and other interior door, it does not matter.

The way of surface treatment is also critical. Some products look luxurious and beautiful, but users will find that the handles or other frequently touched areas will show signs of fading after they have bought it for some time. This product is actually A kind of fool the user's embodiment, so consumers must be clear about these details before buying, and agreed in advance with the manufacturer if such a problem arises how to solve, or spend thousands of dollars to buy fingerprint fingerprint lock, used It faded in less than a year.

Fingerprint lock material is related to the use of a long time after the appearance of whether fading, paint and failure problems, is to be highly valued by consumers, especially the entrance door, beautiful appearance and outstanding performance not only make consumers more Faces, and better protect consumer home security.

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