How to install the bathroom sink? Is it better to have a basin on the stage or a basin under the table?

Bathroom renovation, there are inevitably four major sanitary ware: toilets, basins, showers and bathroom cabinets. Regardless of the sanitary fixture installation, we need to pay attention to the installation method and quality. Taking the basin as an example, basin installation is just a method, and it can be divided into three types: stage basin, Taichung basin and understage basin. Different installation methods have their own advantages. So, in the end how to install the bathroom sink ? Let's take a look at how to install the bathroom sink !

First, the above counter basin

Above counter basin is a kind of installation method for the countertops to highlight the countertops. Counter basins are a common installation method. Because the installation method is relatively simple, it is only necessary to locate the openings on the countertops according to the drawings and fix the counter basins in the air. Fill the gap with glass glue, so this method is also the most common way of installing a business!

1, advantages

The biggest advantage of the above counter basin is that it is easy to install and its maintenance is also very convenient. If the basin is loose, you can remove the proportion and then re-stitch or replace the new basin! In addition, the stage basin can reserve more space for the bottom of the sink, about 3 cm more space, you can store items!

2. Disadvantages

The above-mentioned stage basins are relatively simple in appearance, and may not meet the aesthetics of some people; and the gaps installed in the stage basins are filled with glass glue. It takes a long time and is easy to mold and black, affecting the appearance. If the glass glue rises and leaks, there may be water flowing to the bathroom cabinet under the wash basin, affecting the service life of the bathroom cabinet!

Second, Taichung basin

Taichung basin is also called flat-embedded or semi-embedded basin. Generally, it refers to the surface of the basin. The surface of the basin is polished to form a plane. The basin and the countertop make a plane.

1, advantages

The Taichung basin is more beautifully installed, and the tidy countertops are even more popular. And the table is flat, without too many dead ends, it is not easy to collect filth, and it is more conducive to people to clean and store objects.

2. Disadvantages

Taichung basin installation process is more complicated, in addition to the accidental installation basin, but also more polished platform, not only time-consuming and laborious, but also some additional construction costs; some basin edge will be raised, there is a certain for the storage of goods limitation!

Third, the basin

The understage basin, as its name suggests, is to install the basin under the countertop. Due to the troublesome installation, few families will install under counter basins. But it also has some advantages!

1, advantages

The biggest advantage of the under counter basin is that it is easy to take care of, easy to clean, dirt on the countertop can be flushed to the pool; the countertop also expands a certain space, more conducive to the storage of goods.

2. Disadvantages

Relatively speaking, the installation of the under-basin basin is rather troublesome, and it is necessary to install the washbasin below the countertop of the washbasin. The countertop and the inner edge of the sink open a hole of the same size, and the gap is bonded with an adhesive. The extra cost will also be more expensive than the above-mentioned basin, similar to the Taichung basin.

With regard to how to install the toilet basin , the Xiaobian will introduce it here for everyone. I hope to help everyone! Above-ground basins, Taichung basins, and under-basin basins have different advantages and disadvantages depending on the installation method. Everyone can consider their actual situation. For more information, please follow this site!

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