Shampoo bed size description different sizes different prices

Now it belongs to an economically developed era. Many women like to go to the barber shop to wash their hair. When shampooing, they need to use shampoo beds. However, the size of the shampoo bed can be divided into several types. The bed size was deeply loved by consumers. The following is a small series to understand.

Shampoo bed size introduction

Each size of the shampoo bed is different. The size of this shampoo bed is relatively small and belongs to a small shampoo bed. You can buy it for yourself and use it for your family. Let your family enjoy the shampooing. Bed wash feeling. The size of this shampoo bed is 485mm*1320mm*560mm.

Shampoo bed size introduction two

The shampoo bed looks very professional, it uses red and black as the main colors, red and black with a very stylish look, the overall look is very texture, size is not very large, but the shape is very unique, and look It's very personal. The size of this shampoo bed is 1540mm*685mm*742mm.

Shampoo bed size introduction three

The shampoo bed is made of black and is unique in design. When consumers are in the system, they can directly rest their heads in the shampoo tank, and they can use both hands to receive the shampoo bed. This shampooing is very comfortable, and it also uses Ergonomics design, streamlined design of the back position, giving people a good back. The size of this shampoo bed is 1562mm*520mm*742mm.

Shampoo bed size introduction four

The length of this shampoo bed is normal, but its width is relatively narrow, so it can accommodate the body of the next person. For those who are too fat, they can't lie on their heads. The size of this shampoo bed is 485mm*1540mm*765mm.

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Shampoo bed

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