How much does a woodworker make a wardrobe? How does a woodworker make a wardrobe?

In our bedroom, the closet is an indispensable element, and it is also a space where we store clothing. The styles of wardrobes on the market today are varied. Whether they are custom-made or wood-worked, there are many styles. In order to save money, many people choose to use woodworking as a wardrobe. How much money does a woodworking cabinet do? Today small will come and explain to you how much of a wardrobe to do woodworking and carpentry knowledge level considerations wardrobe, together under the understanding of it!

How much does a woodworker make a wardrobe?

The prices of different plates are different. At present, there are four types of plates commonly used in shops: MDF plates, solid wood plates, solid particle plates, and multi-layer solid wood plates, among which the price of solid wood plates is the most expensive, and the other three are The price is relatively affordable, generally about 200 yuan a square meter. The difference between them is only 50 yuan / square meter. The price of solid wood is more expensive, generally about 1,000 yuan a square meter, we can choose according to their own economic strength.

Woodworking wardrobe notes

1, because of its relatively large size, so we have to arrange it for the layout of the location when it is designed, can not affect the layout of the entire bedroom.

2. Its design should be in harmony with the overall style of the bedroom. Because the wardrobe procedure is relatively early, we need to choose the cabinet color of the wardrobe in advance, the style of the sliding door, the color of the door, and the choice of the door. Floors, bed frames, bedspreads (single), curtains, colors, patterns, etc.

3. When designing, we need to take into account the location of the wires and sockets. For example, some wardrobes can be used to display televisions or computers.

4. Its internal structure directly determines the efficiency of its use. Therefore, first of all, we can design the functional division of different regions according to our own needs. Second, we need to take into account the storage needs of the four seasons, which will determine the overall The width and length of the wardrobe, etc.

5, its custom width and length, will directly affect the placement of some furniture, such as: beds, bedside cabinets, dresser and other furniture positions how to display.

Woodworking wardrobe process

1, the actual measurement of the required size, and then based on the measurement results to make the mainframe frame.

2. When the mainframe is completed, we will install the backplane.

3, install the middle partition.

4, door panels wear ribs.

5, if it is varnish, then also need to stick decorative panels.

6, or if you want to brush color, you need oil workers to fill the bottom of the oil on the ash.

Xiao Bian's words: The above price is only for everyone to make a reference. After all, the level of prices across the country is different, the decoration market is also different, so the specific price or subject to local actual conditions. These are the small series and explain to you how much money do carpentry and joinery wardrobe do a level of knowledge precautions wardrobe, I hope to give you some reference! More related content, you can pay attention to Qijia information, follow-up will present more exciting content!

How much does a woodworker make a wardrobe?

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