Common glyphosate herbicides

Many people think that glyphosate is a herbicide . In fact, Xiaobian thinks that glyphosate is a kind of herbicide. In this pesticide, Xiaobian corrects everyone's opinion. There are many herbicides for glyphosate. Common glyphosate herbicides.

Glyphosate is a general term for a large class of herbicides, including sodium, ammonium, isopropylamine, and potassium. Sodium salt has been used sparingly. Ammonium salts are generally soluble powders, the most famous being "747". Isopropylamine salt is generally a water agent, and it is the world's leading extinct glyphosate herbicide. The most famous one is “Nongda”. Potassium salt is a new product of glyphosate. It is generally a water agent. The most famous one is “Tai Cao Da”, which is the most thorough variety of grass killing. It has the advantages of fast absorption, anti-raining and potassium supplementation. From the effect: potassium salt>isopropylamine salt>ammonium salt>sodium salt. The gradual use of potassium salts is the general trend of glyphosate.

Tips for the use of glyphosate: 1, water should use water (stream water, etc.), turbid water and hard water will affect the effectiveness. 2. The higher the temperature, the better the effect and the faster the speed. 3, the annual weeds can generally be once, perennial weeds need to control more than 2 times. 4, when the weeds are green, the effect is good, the leaves are yellow when the effect is poor, commonly known as "see green kill."

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