"Labor Insurance Industry + Big Data" Construction Expert Seminar Held

On June 20th, 2017, an expert seminar on "Labor Insurance Industry + Big Data Construction" was held jointly by the China National Association of Textile Products Safety and Health Protection Products and Tsinghua University and HC Network.


Speech by Mr. Lei Limin, President of China Safety Association of China Textile Industry Association

The main research directions of this conference are as follows:

How to achieve industry + big data application in the labor insurance industry, how to effectively build the data platform and database of the labor insurance products industry in China;

How to effectively use big data for the development of the industry, through the capture, management, and processing capabilities of big data to provide greater decision-making, development, and optimization capabilities for the development of China's labor insurance industry;

How to provide new vitality for the multilateral market through big data;


At the meeting, Prof. Xu Hua, the State Key Laboratory of Intelligent Technology and Systems in the Department of Computer Science and Technology at Tsinghua University, gave a detailed introduction to the status quo and future trends of artificial intelligence for big data. Guo Gang, CEO of Zhaoxin Group, made an article entitled "Anti-Counterfeit Traceability Assistant Labor Insurance". After the meeting, the guests were invited to take a photo with the guests.

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