Old kitchen renovation skills What old kitchen renovation should pay attention to what

For those who like cooking, the cooking area is a very important place in the home, so whether it is a new house or an old house, the decoration of this area is very concentric, but in the transformation of the old kitchen, there are often many difficulties. Coupled with the aging of the fumes, the kitchen has become a mess, in addition to the transformation, we must first understand and find professionals to ask, do not blindly obey, remember the need to pay attention to the details of the kitchen transformation, the following Xiaobian Introduce you to the old-fashioned kitchen renovation techniques. I hope to help you.

What are the old kitchen renovation techniques?

1, adjust the structure, a new look

For old-style cooking areas, there are a lot of old dirt and scratches that make people feel old. If you want to make this area look fresh, you can lay new walls on the original old wall, and the whole Space decoration should also pay attention to the choice of new kitchen appliances and cabinets, so as to make the kitchen full of sense of space and a new look.

2, let the color add points for the kitchen

Due to the relatively long age of the old cooking areas, most of them lack personality and taste. The matching of colors is also a mess. Some walls are also unadorned and there is no way to enjoy cooking. At this time, colors can be used to create bright spots. The walls will be painted in warm yellow, pale blue and other colors, and the floor will be affixed with European-style wall tiles, making the entire kitchen full of personality.

3, you can consider meals and kitchens

If the scope of the old style cooking area is relatively narrow, the pattern is not ideal, and it will inevitably require a big move. For example, some homeowners will move the cooking area to the balcony, increase the space for storage and operation in the kitchen, or transform it into an open one. In the style, after setting up the island or folding the dining table, the kitchen has both restaurant functions and high utilization rate.

4, single-way water supply into dual water supply

Waterproofing is a problem that must be considered in this kind of living room. For some old-style houses, there may have been waterproofing. However, after more than ten years, it may have lost its effect on waterproofing. Destruction of waterproof, so if it is waterproof and damaged, be sure to re-waterproof before the transformation, it is best to add a hot water pipe.

What should pay attention to the old kitchen renovation

1, about the original layout of the dismantling

If we want to rationally plan this area, we will inevitably need to remove some of the original layouts during the reconstruction. For example, if we want to make it an open style, we need to remove some walls. Of course, in order to prevent it, we must refer to it before we demolish the wall. The construction drawings of the construction party are used to determine whether it can be dismantled, because the structure of the structure may cause various problems, such as wall cracking, collapse, and circuit failure.

2, long-term processing of grease

For large equipment in the old-style cooking area, it is particularly inconvenient to move. With the accumulation of years of use, accumulated dirt is difficult to clean and maintain, giving people a messy feeling. Then we can renew the old wall surface. Laying new wall tiles saves time and effort.

Summary: The article is about the contents of the old kitchen remodeling what to explain, I believe many of my friends for the old kitchen reform techniques which have a better understanding, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult the small series .

Old kitchen renovation

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