Let the summer walk into your bedroom--the summer bedroom's fabric matching

In the cold winter, you take a thick quilt. Housewives longing for warm sunshine have begun to figure out how to set up a warm bedroom. From the color to the fabric of the fabric, people walk into the bedroom as if they had already seen the summer.

Placing some green plants in a certain corner of the room not only adds a beautiful color to the living room, but also allows people to easily feel the breath of summer and brighten the relatively large bedroom space.

The bright colors of the strips are matched with the flowers and plants, and the most natural scenery in summer is outlined. Choosing bedding with simple and vivid patterns can easily create a refreshing and comfortable bedroom.

The pink dot wallpaper of the wall part is adorned with brick and tile patterns. This configuration selection highlights the color of the fabric and the surrounding furniture, emphasizes the main part of the bedroom, and expands the human visual space to some extent.

The use of traditional plain white veil curtains with higher transparency can also add to the feeling of this beautiful season. In addition to brightening the role of the living room, it also has the effect of expanding the sense of space. When the morning sun shines through the curtains, it is just like the beautiful beauty of early summer.

In summer, is it also possible to consider changing to a more summery decorative painting? The decorative paintings based on yellow and green are filled with the breath of summer, and the master's taste of life is also visible.

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