Do not carelessly repair PV inverters

Photovoltaic power generation is now staged an installation boom in both urban and rural areas. Of course, this is due to policy support from the national level. On the other hand, photovoltaic power generation has its unparalleled advantages over other traditional energy sources.

The working principle of photovoltaic power generation is that photovoltaic modules absorb light, and then light energy is converted into direct current power. The direct current power is converted into alternating current power for the load or incorporated into the power grid through the photovoltaic inverter. While the inverter plays an important role in it, in the words of experts, it is the "central nervous system", and the effect is not obvious. In the actual photovoltaic power generation project, the photovoltaic grid-connected inverters undertake the power grid, and the connected components are also fed back with the power generation information of the photovoltaic power plant.

Photovoltaic grid-connected inverters, as an electronic product, are composed of many components. When they are connected to the grid, they must be connected to the grid. Attention must be paid here because of its special features. During installation and maintenance, Can not be careless, otherwise there may be such a hidden danger. So how do we pay attention? Here we start with the maintenance aspect.

After the photovoltaic power generation system is installed and connected to the grid, it is inevitable that there will be no problems. After problems occur, inspection and maintenance shall be carried out. As a carrier of power generation, the electrical connection between the inverter and the grid must be disconnected first in any maintenance operation, and then disconnected. DC side electrical connection. In order to ensure that there is no residual power in the inverter, wait 5 minutes after disconnection. After the internal components of the inverter are fully discharged, maintenance work can be performed.

Second, in the course of maintenance operations, first visually inspect the equipment for any damage or other dangerous conditions. This can generally be seen directly by the naked eye. When repairs are performed when a problem is found somewhere, follow the static protection regulations and wear static electricity. Bracelet, pay attention to see the various warning signs, but also pay attention to whether the inverter hot surface temperature cooling, while avoiding unnecessary contact between the body and the circuit board. Several of my writer's friends are in the service of inverter service. They often go to the project site to deal with failures. Sometimes, because they do not notice the temperature of the inverter's fuselage, the hands are often burned.

Finally, after the machine has been repaired, make sure that any fault affecting the safety performance of the inverter is resolved before the inverter can be turned on again.

Understand the maintenance specifications of photovoltaic grid-connected inverters and pay attention to them during routine maintenance and repair so as to avoid hidden dangers.

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