Development of retail system of Wanjiago distribution mall

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1. System flow of Wanjia Shopping Mall

1. Consumption: After consumers purchase retail merchandise orders at the event mall, the platform gives you a 20% quota of consumption amount, and you have the wholesale privilege and 10% consumption points.

2. Wholesale: You exercise the wholesale privileges and use wholesale quotas to snap up orders for wholesale goods at the wholesale area.

3. Agency sales: You can choose to entrust the platform to help you sell the wholesale merchandise orders.

4. Profit: After the platform is successfully sold at the retail price, you get 80%, and the platform withholds and pays 20% (including 16% tax + 4% platform operating fee).

The result is: the profit you get minus the cost of your purchase order and the cost of the rush order, and there is about 10% of the net profit.

To put it simply, in about 7 days, you get the goods purchased from the mall for free, and also earn a profit of about 10% of the input cost, plus 10% of the shopping points, the points can be spent in other malls.

for example

You spent 6 yuan today to purchase retail merchandise orders in the mall's activity area and become a consumer. You have the right to go to the wholesale area of ​​the mall to snap up orders at wholesale prices.

Wholesale is divided into 3 sets of wholesale price amount

The first package is 220 yuan

The second package is 434 yuan

The third package is 647 yuan

1. The first package sales success is 2233 × 80% = 61616 yuan, with a profit of 170 yuan.

2. The success of the second package sales is × 80% = 20101830 yuan, profit yuan.

3. The success of the third package sale is 2792 × 80% = 22332043 yuan, with a profit of 190 yuan.

2. Highlights of the development of Wanjia Shopping Mall system

1. Support purchase restriction: The platform can limit the number and quantity of users' purchases of goods in the activity area and wholesale area by day.

2. Support rewards: The platform can set whether the participating products participate in platform promotion rewards, performance rewards, etc.

3. Event promotion: The platform customizes the event time, event price, wholesale price and the number of coupons.

4. Priority sale: Turn on this function, and push people to push the goods to others, then they can sell the goods first.

5. Inventory adjustment: It supports flexible adjustment of the inventory in the activity zone and wholesale zone to facilitate the control of the promotion process.

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