Surveillance camera installation and maintenance precautions

With the continuous development of video surveillance technology, there are more and more monitoring employees. For newcomers who have just joined the industry, they may first need to start with the installation of the most basic equipment, gradually accumulate experience in practice, and become independent responsible. Project project manager. Then what should be paid attention to in the security protection during the installation of surveillance cameras?

The installation height of the surveillance cameras should not be too low to prevent malicious destruction by others, nor too high, and inconvenient for future maintenance. It is recommended that the installation height be four to five meters, and a step on a ladder can be obtained.

Due to the high installation height of the surveillance camera, auxiliary tools such as ladders are required. Therefore, when climbing the ladder, be sure to pay attention to safety to prevent danger from falling from a high altitude. For higher positions, be sure to fasten your seat belts before proceeding.

Surveillance camera installation should also pay attention to the angle problem, for ordinary cameras without wide dynamic capabilities, should avoid direct light sources, it is best to install the backlight.

Surveillance cameras must be securely fixed during installation to prevent screen jitter. For the wall surface, drills can be drilled and the plugs can be plugged. The brackets can then be fastened to the wall with self-tapping screws. For ceilings, wooden blocks can be placed on top so that the self-tapping threads can be screwed through the ceiling into the blocks.

Surveillance cameras need to be powered separately. In the case of strong electrical wiring, they should also pay attention to safety. You can use a multimeter to perform tests first to ensure that the power is turned off before power is turned on.

For surveillance cameras installed outdoors, it is best to purchase a network surveillance camera equipped with a waterproof cable for waterproofing. In addition, you can install a small waterproof box under the surveillance camera, and place the power supply and connector in the waterproof box.

In areas prone to lightning strikes, surveillance cameras must be protected against lightning strikes. Video lightning protection modules and power modules can be used for lightning protection.

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