Kitchen bathroom integrated ceiling selection ceiling tips

With the improvement of people's living standards, there are many ways to install ceilings in home improvement kitchen and kitchen ceilings. Among them, ceilings are favored by consumers. What advantages do kitchen and bathroom installations have? Do you know? How should I choose? It's not clear that it doesn't matter. Let's follow Xiaobian for a look.

[What is integrated ceiling]

The integrated ceiling is a combination of metal squares and appliances. Divided heating module, lighting module, ventilation module. With the simple installation, flexible layout, easy maintenance, become the mainstream of the bathroom, kitchen ceiling. In order to change the monotony of the monotonous color of the ceiling, integrated art ceilings are becoming a new trend in the market.

[Advantages of integrated ceiling]

1, safe home

The integrated ceilings are all designed and professionally installed, and its circuit layout, ventilation and heating effects are also rigorously designed and tested. All people-oriented, in contrast, the traditional ceiling is too casual to be safe.

2, green energy

The functions of the integrated hanging items are independent, and the location and quantity of the warm light can be installed according to actual needs. The traditional hanging items are all heated by a bath heater. It has great limitations, and the heating positions are too concentrated. The integrated ceiling overcomes these disadvantages. , Heating range, and uniform, three warm lights can reach the effect of four warm lights Yuba, green energy.

3, independent choice of free collocation

The functional components of the integrated ceiling are absolutely independent. You can choose the ceiling panels required according to the size of the kitchen, bathroom, the color of the tiles, and your own preferences. In addition, there are multiple options for heating components, ventilation components, and lighting components. Collocation.

4, comprehensive cost-effective

The unit price of integrated ceiling is higher than that of conventional cranes, but it must be known that it is made of high-quality aluminum. Most of the traditional cranes are made of plastics. The service life of integrated ceilings can reach 50 years, while that of traditional ceilings. Only about 10 years (prone to aging)

How to choose kitchen bathroom integrated ceiling

One, variety

Now there are many varieties of pinch on the market, such as coated sheet, nanoplate, roll-coating board, frosted board, etc. The roller-coating board is directly painted on the aluminum board at a high temperature of 280 degrees. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic (low formaldehyde emission. National standard 15 times), not easy to change color. And the membrane board. Is a layer of PUC film with glue, one is not environmentally friendly (including formaldehyde) two discoloration fast (sun will be two hours in the sun will change color), so it is best not to choose the film.

How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of gussets?

A. Look: The surface of inferior buckles looks uneven and there are particles. The high quality board looks very flat and the panel is soft.

B. Smell: Using a lighter to burn the corner of a poor quality board, it burns in 30 seconds, and there is a pungent odor of burning charcoal. Even if it is burned to a low temperature, rolling oil-resistant ceilings will not have a pungent odor.

C, touch: the temperature of the surface of the coated plate is the temperature of the plastic, so it is relatively high, to be warm, the temperature of the plate surface is the temperature of the metal, to be cool.

D. Listen: With the corner of the hand-held panel, gently tap the center of the panel, the sound of the membrane is boring, and the sound of the roller-coating board is crisp.

Second, the substrate

(Be light and flat) The thicker the better, there are many people think that the thicker the buckle, the better. In fact, the thickness is not necessarily good. The international standard of the aluminum buckle is 0.5mm. There is a black seam in the middle of the aluminum plate. . The aluminum used in the roll-coating is made of aluminum, magnesium and manganese. The higher magnesium content is about 1.3-1.8% to increase the elasticity of the machine. The addition of manganese can increase the machine's capacity. The rigidity of the material is about 0.1-0.3. Depends on the quality of the aluminum used, the poor quality of the aluminum plate can only increase the thickness to ensure rigidity. And there is no toughness. So it's not thick enough. It's not good to shake your hand and feel buzzing.

Surface coating, different areas with different gussets, the kitchen to use anti-oil aluminum, and the bathroom can choose some soft and warm romantic colors, of course, the key to match your home's overall style, such as wall tiles, floor tiles , And the color of cabinets.

Summary: The above is the introduction of relevant knowledge about kitchen and bathroom integrated ceilings . I hope to be helpful to everyone.

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