Redwood furniture purchase should be careful and quality against fakes

For a long time, the mahogany furniture market seems to be a few “scopes of influence” that understand people. The reason why the misunderstanding of “black and white” is given to consumers is largely because redwood is a classical culture that has been passed down for thousands of years. It has deep knowledge, and it is difficult for ordinary people to master it. Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of the rosewood consumer market, more and more people are beginning to approach the mahogany furniture and learn to identify good products.

Traditional 榫卯 structure is ingenious

Together with the art of carving, the enamel structure is the craft jewel of traditional mahogany furniture. Now that production tools are so advanced, the core components are still not completely replaced by machines. In the fall of 2015, at the “China Redwood Furniture Culture Festival” held in Beijing, it took less than 20 minutes to assemble the furniture on site. However, it took a day and a half to polish a set of accessories.

Southeast Asia is an important producing area of ​​redwood. In addition to exporting raw materials, it is also processed and produced. However, it is not a compliment to work. "So, we must produce fine products. The quality of a piece of mahogany furniture depends on whether the raw materials are genuine or not. It’s just that the cockroaches are solid and not solid, and the carvings are delicate and not delicate. These are the babies passed down by the ancestors, and they must be carried forward.”

Be wary of mahogany "guerrillas"

Since the beginning of this year, all over the country, a series of mahogany furniture "cleaning goods and goods" on the grounds of factory direct sales has been set up. Like the "guerrillas", it is a low-cost gimmick to attract consumers to buy in one place, and the sales are almost transferred. In this regard, Shi Lifeng, president of the Shaanxi Provincial Classical Traditional Redwood Furniture Professional Committee, said: "Most of these are from the endangered manufacturers to buy inferior and poor quality mahogany furniture, and then sell them in a city in the name of direct sales. Transfer to a foreign country. This kind of behavior of one shot and one place can escape the responsibility of consumers and escape the blows of law enforcement agencies."

However, such sales are a huge loss for consumers, and buying products that are not worthy of the name does not say. Moreover, the after-sales service promised by it cannot be realized at all. Once there is a problem, the other party has already escaped.

Standard missing big brands are reliable

There are many kinds of mahogany materials, and the transparency and unity of supervision are achieved, which is difficult to achieve at the technical level. The scarcity of raw materials and the technological characteristics of the products determine the non-standardized production mode of mahogany furniture. “So, mahogany furniture will not produce the mass brand like Huawei and Gree. Moreover, mahogany furniture is difficult to be unified in terms of specifications and design. If consumers really want to buy, it is best to choose local. A large furniture brand with many years of roots. Xiangye Redwood Furniture is a professional manufacturer of mahogany furniture. It has a high reputation in the local and mahogany furniture industry. People who like mahogany furniture are afraid to buy small brands and can be pitted. come and see.

At the same time, Zhang Baozhong believes that the appreciation of precious mahogany furniture will continue to improve in the future. With the further reduction of mahogany resources, in the future, the mahogany furniture market is likely to withdraw from the mass market and enter the auction market for trading.

The similarity of the scientific name does not mean that it is the same root.

Redwood has 33 species of five species and eight types of wood, including Hainan huanghuali, Vietnamese huanghuali, Siamese rosewood, lobular rosewood, etc. How to distinguish it easily?

Hainan huanghuali has a lot of value, so some merchants will label Vietnamese huanghuali as huanghuali and mislead consumers as Hainan huanghuali. Both colors are golden yellow, and the wooden pores are small, which is difficult for consumers to judge. If the difference is to be said, the texture of Hainan huanghuali is clearer and the thickness is the same. The texture of Vietnamese huanghuali is different, the color is lighter, and the ghost face is slightly worse.

Another example is the use of African ebony, Kaliman Tan to mix striped ebony, because they also have black stripes. Striped ebony is black with more stripes and less white stripes, while African ebony and Kalimantan white stripes are noticeable. The ebony wood has a fine structure and a large proportion. It sinks in water and has no aroma.

The price of African chicken wing wood is much lower than that of Burmese chicken wing wood. The wood is rough, and it can be used as a large cabinet. Burmese chicken wings are small and can only be used as chairs, several types of small pieces of furniture. In addition, familiar with mahogany furniture will be familiar with some words, such as rosewood, rosewood, sandalwood, etc., but the so-called African rosewood, blood sandalwood, etc. are not redwood, you should know more when buying, in order to prevent confusion The fish are mixed.

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