Years later to do homework Raiders to prevent home improvement company before the construction company trap

Before and after the renovation of the new home, the most important job is to find a decoration company to negotiate the decoration arrangements. If the plans and budgets are not handled well before the construction, the follow-up decoration is really an endless trouble and annoying. So what should you pay attention to when spending money with home improvement companies? The following Xiao Bian talked to everyone about the notice of the decoration company. Let's understand it together.

1, free design hidden mystery

Keywords: Free disguised charges

Going back to the problem: Rework more difficult to increase fees


Many home improvement companies use free design drawings as a recruiting method. Those who are said to have a unique beauty, tailored to your effect or immediately let you fall into the impulse of the decoration, and fantasy to decorate their own look like a rendering . However, the free design drawings are sometimes a large pit that the decoration company digs for the owners. The actual effects are often non-complaceable, and they often have to pay a high renovation fee.


The home improvement company first reported a lower decoration package, which was later supplemented by a free design commitment to allow consumers to pay deposits. Afterwards, the decoration and design staff issued the decoration budget based on the door-to-door measurement results, which is usually higher than the selected packages of consumers. Expensive construction fees, at this time, consumers will not be able to return their deposits.


1, do not find subcontracting company. Subcontracting here refers to the situation where some decoration companies subcontract the construction and design business. In this case, if there is a problem, the owners must also coordinate the construction party and the designer and other issues, and do not rule out the two sides tugging Maybe, therefore, it is required that the decoration company not subcontract.

2. Full communication with the designer before the renovation. Some informal small-scale decoration companies may add other items to the owners during the renovation process. This situation means that the owners did not communicate with the designers well before the renovation. If the problem is solved in the early stage, this will not happen.

3. Combination of design drawings and construction drawings. After the owner has read the design renderings, he must ask for the construction drawings again and ask the construction process in detail so that the supervisors will have a good idea in the future.

Comments: The wool on the sheep, there can not be free of charge, even if this is exempted, other places have to be counted in, because the current market related to the decoration of the cost of raw material prices, price of accessories materials, decoration workers wages and Almost all of the company’s operating costs are on the rise, and in this case, price cuts are almost impossible.

2, package decoration fees are tricky

Keywords: demolition report

Going back to the problem: greater economic losses due to increased charges


The calculation of the package decoration is based on the residential building area multiplied by the package price. The home decoration consumption mode with m2 as the unit of the price allows the owner to save worry and save nearly 1/3 of the renovation time, but these package items look cheap, In fact, it is also a trap.


Renovation packages usually only report individual items. Some processes that must be renovated are deliberately not reported, and prices are raised during the construction process. On the other hand, package decoration projects often have a strict number of restrictions. Outside the standard items, they must receive high prices. Civil defense is hard to defend.


1. Package decoration generally does not include personalized design (such as wall demolition and renovation), concealed engineering (such as hydropower reform), standard external projects (such as switch panel). When selecting a package, first ask clearly, because the contract is usually not clear How to refund the package items, the potential rule is that for the unsatisfactory renovation project home improvement company will not refund.

2, package quotations in particular pay attention to the cost of the project. Not included in the package but the owner needs to add, break items, missing items should pay special attention, especially the hydropower reform project. We can learn from the complete drawings how many construction quantities there are for the entire renovation. In this way, we can refer to the drawings to see the budget and check whether there is any increase in items in the package budget.

3, accurate length digital data. Please check the construction area before choosing the package, avoid the a meter area originally included in the package and charge extra for the high price of a+ meter.

Comments: As the saying goes, "buy the essence of not selling", package decoration items listed in the most vulnerable to water, at this time to fully understand the decoration process is very important to master the decoration process to see the pit money in the package of items to avoid pitfalls.

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