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Balcony tile method determines the future life, then the balcony tile method is what? Let's look at Xiao Bian below. Tile tile method 1 Stir Before preparing the adhesive, the tile should not be submerged, but use a wire brush to remove the loose material on the back of the tile, and use a damp cloth to wipe off the dust on the back of the tile. Then put the water or emulsion in the mixing tank at the ratio recommended by the manufacturer until the adhesive is homogeneous and free of agglomerates. The adhesive after initial stirring should be left standing in a mixing drum until the manufacturer's recommended ripening time has passed. 2 batch surface with a straight edge of the tooth profile spatula that meets the required thickness of the adhesive layer will be batched to the base surface of the adhesive, the adhesive layer along the direction of the tile seam into a uniform strip. The purpose is to control the thickness and amount of the adhesive and make the tile attachment area more uniform. The 3 batches of tiles were also given a thin layer of adhesive on the back of the tiles before the tiles were laid. Although this double batch method uses more materials and working hours, it can guarantee the quality and durability of the paste . 4 Tiling In the adhesive setting air-drying time, the prepared tile is pressed into place and moved slightly perpendicular to the carding direction to discharge the air under the brick. After putting it into place, tap it with a rubber mallet and adjust the surface flatness and straightness of the seam with a cross-positioning bracket of the appropriate size. 5 The timely cleaning of the paved brick surface should be promptly cleaned, in particular to remove the residual adhesive. After the qualified adhesive is hard-hardened, it is not easily removed even on the surface of the ceramic tile. Cleaned tiles should be immediately placed with signs for isolation, to avoid contamination or disturbance, until the next caulking process. Balcony tile construction considerations 1, the tile as far as possible not to touch the water, according to the vertical and horizontal lines to retain 6--8mm mortar after the paste firmly, and then do caulking treatment, rainy days is best not to construction, so as not to increase the cement dirt. 2, after caulking, use wood or other tools to scrape off the big ash, use 6--8 # garden steel to clean the mortar joints to highlight the three-dimensional sense of the brick, the tile surface residual cement must wait for its whitish (ie dry When not solidified), use dry cloth or saw (sawdust), sand, clean the surface of cement, (be careful not to use wet cloth), cloth, sponge, etc. 3, such as after the complete solidification, with a long handle chemical fiber drum brush dipped in 20% - 30% hydrochloric acid solution for a comprehensive cleaning, then rinse with water.

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