What does it mean to help you rise knowledge apartment hotel?

The hotel is mainly to provide accommodation services for tourists, but also provides life services and facilities (front service), catering, games, entertainment, shopping, business center, banquet and conference facilities. What is the combination of apartment and hotel? What is the difference between an apartment hotel and a hotel apartment?

Apartment hotel concept

The so-called apartment-style hotel, in short, is a hotel suite that is set up inside a hotel as an apartment. The distinguishing feature of this suite is its apartment-style hotel. It is similar to an apartment. It has a home-like layout and good living functions. It has a hall, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Second, it is equipped with a full set of furniture and appliances. Can provide guests with the hotel's professional services, such as indoor cleaning, linen change and some business services and so on. The apartment hotel is a kind of property that has absorbed the star hotel's better service function and management model, but also absorbed some characteristics of the residential and office buildings; it is a comprehensive property that can live and work, has been quietly Rise.

The difference between an apartment hotel and a serviced apartment

The hotel-style hotel, simply put, is a hotel-style hotel suite that is set up inside the hotel. It is generally said that the hotel's room type and package are similar to the apartment, but in reality it is the hotel. The characteristics of this type of property are: First, it is similar to an apartment, has a home pattern and a good living function, living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, everything. Second, it is equipped with a full set of furniture appliances, and at the same time, can provide guests with the hotel's professional services, such as indoor cleaning, linen replacement and some commercial services. It has both the privacy of the apartment and the living environment, as well as the good environment and professional services of the upscale hotel. More than four star hotel service is more thoughtful, this property has emerged in Beijing, and its services include catering, entertainment, washing, swimming, copying, faxing, printing, translation and so on. The nature of the land is tourist land, and the property right is usually 40 years. (The recent introduction of new projects in Beijing is forbidden for commercial rehousing, that is, the prohibition of declaration is a commercial land project, and sales cannot be divided and sold. It is forbidden to change the nature of land use without authorization.)

Serviced apartments, meaning "hotel-style service, apartment-style management", are a kind of service-only apartment with no hotel operation in Asia. It is popularly known as a high-class service apartment provided by hotel butler service. Residential, in fact, residential. It is generally a house with independent property rights and equipped with comprehensive suites including kitchen and toilet. The building provides hotel-style business services, cleaning services, property management, and lease management. Investors can be used for self-occupation as they would purchase ordinary houses, or they can be rented out of the building in the form of a hotel to obtain return on investment. Therefore, hotel-style apartments not only absorb the service functions and management modes of star-rated hotels, but also absorb the characteristics of office buildings in the information age, have good communication conditions, and provide targeted business services such as secretaries, information, and translation. A comprehensive property management concept that integrates residential, hotel and clubhouse functions.

The apartment type of the serviced apartment ranges from tens of square meters to several hundred square meters, which can meet the individual needs of the users. It is also a perfect decoration in the decoration and provides a full set of home design and electrical appliances. For different types of units, there are also different styles. In the service, hotel-style services are provided in accordance with the requirements of residents. At the same time, ancillary facilities include other items such as banks, clubs, and small supermarkets. In terms of design, because the customer base of the hotel-style apartment project is mostly senior employees, managers, and presidents of well-known multinational companies, his property management is managed by a star hotel directly managed by a property company with a hotel background, which eliminates The suspicion of the landlord on the level of the property management company can provide high-end, in-place services for the residents.

The nature of the land is residential land and property rights are generally 70 years.

From the above discussion, we can see that service apartments have almost no difference between serviced apartments and apartment hotels; the essential difference between them is that service apartments are apartments that provide hotel-style services, while apartment hotels are Is a hotel in the hotel room provides a considerable family equipment (such as kitchenware), its essence is the hotel.

The hotel customer group

1, small tourism team

2. Online booking - family, company travel, training

3, office building package

4, travel agencies

5. Fixed-point accommodation for staff on business trips in surrounding large units

Xiao Bian concludes: Well, the above is some knowledge of the apartment hotel . If you find it valuable, you can share it with friends and let more friends know about it. For more information, please continue to follow this site.

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