Liaocheng large diameter seamless steel pipe quality method

The longitudinal ribs of the large-diameter seamless steel tubes are often called wavy. Therefore, the choice of high-quality seamless steel pipe should see the appearance of the gloss.
1. Excellent Tianjin large-diameter seamless steel pipe components are uniform cold shears, the tonnage is also high, so the cut end face is smooth and regular, when you see the cut end face often has the appearance of falling meat, or the unevenness, appearance Do not pick these large-caliber seamless steel tubes without gloss.
2. In the absence of vernier calipers, it is necessary to weigh and check the large-diameter seamless steel tubes. Because of the high impurity content, the density of steel is small, and the scale is too harsh, so the light weight is large and seamless. Do not choose steel pipes.
3. Look at the inner diameter scale: the inner diameter scale of the large diameter seamless steel pipe will be shaken.
4. See the factory mark: the trademark and printing of the excellent large-diameter seamless steel pipe are very standard.
5. Look at the longitudinal reinforcement: The longitudinal reinforcement of the large-diameter seamless steel pipe is often called wavy.
6. Look at the shape of the steel: The large-diameter seamless steel pipes produced by some small manufacturers will be loosened when they are not driven, so the sides will be oval.
7. Look at the appearance of the surface: the occurrence of the pockmark is due to the severe wear of the groove, and the uneven appearance of the irregular surface of the steel.

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2. Cobalt alloys give superior hot corrosion resistance to gas turbine atmospheres , this is due to their high chromium content.

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---Excellent wear and corrosion resistance even at high temperature up to 800℃


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