Coal mine rubber cable (wire and cable) models and uses

1, heavy rubber sheathed cable

YC is used for AC 450/750V mobile electrical equipment, can withstand large mechanical forces, the temperature does not exceed 65 degrees YCW above, but for outdoor and oil pollution applications.

2, mining rubber soft cable

(1) Power connection of 0.3/0.5KV electric drill under UZ-0.3/0.5 coal mine in mining electric drill cable.

(0.3/0.5KV) UZP-0.3/0.5 mine shielded electric drill cable.

(2) Mobile rubber sheathed flexible cable UY-0.38/0.66 mobile power connection for various underground mobile coal mining equipment UYP-0.38/0.66 Mobile Shield Same as above M for flame retardant, mining all flame retardant cable UYP-0.66/1.14 Mobile Shield voltage at 0.66-1.14

(3) Shearer flexible cable UC-0.38/0.66 Shearer and similar equipment power connection UCP-0.38/0.66 shielded Ibid, but the voltage is different UCP-0.66/1.14 shield same as above, but the voltage is different (4) Screening monitoring type Flexible cable UYPJ-3.6/6KV Rated voltage downhole moving transformer and similar equipment connection (5) Waterproof rubber sheathed flexible cable JHS (300/500V) submersible motor for AC voltage 300/500V submersible motor, one end in water, one end in air Medium temperature of 65 degrees JHS (6000V) for 6KV drainage submersible pump power supply, temperature 65 degrees (6) Rubber insulated flat cable for submersible motors JHSB for submersible motors with AC voltage 300/500, temperature 65 degrees
Power cable, rubber cable (wire and cable) models and uses

1、PVC insulated cable

VV,VLV copper (aluminum) insulated PVC sheathed cable VY,VLY insulated polyethylene VV22,VLV22 insulated steel tape armored PVC sheathed power cable VV23,VLV23 insulated steel tape armored polyethylene
2, cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cable

YJV, YJLV XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable.

Indoors, tunnels, pipelines, cable trenches, loose soil, can not withstand mechanical external forces, can withstand a certain amount of traction.

YJY, YJLY insulated polyethylene YJV22, YJLV22 insulated steel tape armored PVC sheathed power cable is underground, can withstand mechanical external force, but can not afford large tensile force.

YJV23, YJLV23 insulated steel tape armored flame retardant ZR-YJV

Fire resistant NH-YJV

Control Cable

1. Polyvinyl chloride and XLPE insulated control cables

KVV (KYJV) PVC insulated PVC sheathed control cables. KVVP (KYJVP) insulated steel tape shields are used in indoor, cable trench, and pipeline fixed occasions, but the fixed occasions that require shielding are KVVP2 (KYJVP2) Ibid. KVV22 ( KYJV22) Steel tape armored control cables can withstand large mechanical external forces when indoors and directly buried in pipelines. Fixed occasions KVVR (KYJVR) flexible cables move indoors, requiring soft and other occasions KVVRP (KYJVRP) copper wire braided shielded control cables move indoors , requiring soft shielding and other fields

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