Ceiling plate related introduction

In various renovation projects, the ceiling process is indispensable. Many people may not know that the ceiling is actually divided into many ways, and the characteristics and prices of each method are different. Today, we will make a detailed description for everyone. Introduction.

1. Ordinary gypsum board The ordinary gypsum board is formed by double-sided plastering internal gypsum. At present, the common specifications of common gypsum board in the market are 1200*3000 and 1200*2440, and the thickness is generally 9mm. It is characterized by low price, but it is easy to soften or decompose when exposed to water.

Second, waterproof panel

1. Silicon calcium plate:

Calcium silicate board, also known as mineral wool gypsum board composite board, is a porous material with good sound insulation and heat insulation properties. It can attract water molecules in the air when the indoor air is humid, and when the air is dry, it can release water. Molecules can properly adjust indoor dryness, humidity, and comfort. Gypsum products are also special fire-retardant materials that produce an endothermic reaction in the flame. At the same time, water molecules are released to prevent the fire from spreading, and will not decompose to produce any toxic, aggressive, suffocating gas, nor will it produce any Combustible or fumes.

Compared with gypsum board, the calcium silicate board retains the appearance of the gypsum board in appearance; the weight is much lower than the gypsum board, and the strength is much higher than the gypsum board; the achilles heel of the gypsum board deformed by moisture is completely changed, several times It has prolonged the life of the material; it is also better than the gypsum board in functional areas such as noise reduction and thermal insulation.

The general specification of calcium silicate board is 600*600, which is mainly used in studios, shopping malls, etc., and is not suitable for consumption in home decoration.

2, aluminum plate

Aluminum gusset: A new type of home improvement ceiling material that emerged in the 1990s. It is mainly used for ceiling projects in kitchen commercial houses and bathrooms. Because all the aluminum gussets are made of all-metal, it is superior to PVC materials and plastic steel materials in terms of life and environmental protection. At present, aluminum gussets have become one of the most indispensable materials in all home improvement projects. People often refer to aluminum gussets as: 'kitchen's hats' precisely because he has better protection and landscaping for kitchen goods and bathrooms! At present, the aluminum gusset industry has been publicized in major and medium-sized cities in the Mainland. Popularization, and has matured and made public.

According to the surface finishing process, the home-made aluminum gussets are mainly divided into three categories: sprayed aluminum gusset, roller-coated aluminum gusset, and laminated aluminum gusset. The life consumption is gradually increased step by step and the performance is increased. The normal consumption period of sprayed aluminum gusset plate is 5-10 years, the roller-coated aluminum gusset plate is 7-15 years, and the coated aluminum gusset plate is 10-30 years.

The specifications of the aluminum gusset plate are long strips, squares, rectangles, etc., and there are many colors, so there is a lot of choice in the kitchen and bathroom ceiling. At present, the commonly used long strip specifications are 5 cm, 10 cm, 15 cm, and 20 cm; the common specifications of the square shape are 300*300, 600*600, and the small area is 300*300, which is large in area. Take 600*600. In order to make the ceiling look more beautiful, you can mix and match the two colors. The thickness of the aluminum gusset plate is 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 mm, etc. The thicker the aluminum gusset plate is, the longer it is, and the longer the consumption period is.

3. Integrated ceiling (also known as integral ceiling, combined ceiling, intelligent ceiling) After the appearance of the whole bathroom and the whole kitchen commodity room, the latest products of the ceiling decoration of the kitchen and bathroom space represent the top technology of today's kitchen and bathroom ceiling decoration. The integrated ceiling breaks the original traditional ceiling and completely transforms the original product into modularization and componentization, allowing you to choose the ceiling material, ventilation lighting and heating module freely. The effect is clear at a glance, and shopping is one step at a time.

4. As a new type of decorative material, aluminum-plastic composite panel is only a few years old, with its economical, optional color diversity, convenient construction method, excellent processing performance, excellent fire resistance and noble Quality is quickly favored by people. The aluminum-plastic composite panel is divided into single-sided and double-sided, and is composed of an aluminum layer and a plastic layer. The single side is relatively soft, the two sides are relatively stiff, and the double-sided aluminum-plastic board is commonly used for home decoration. The common specification of aluminum-plastic composite board is 1220*2440, which is rich in color and is a good material for indoor ceiling and tube. Many high-rise buildings have such materials on the exterior walls and door faces.

5, PVC board

PVC ceiling profiles are made of PVC and processed into a tongue-and-groove profile. They are light in weight, easy to install, waterproof and moisture-proof. The color pattern on the surface is also very varied, and it is resistant to damage, good cleaning, sound insulation and separation. The good performance of heat, its low cost and good decorative effect make it the leading material for ceilings such as toilets, kitchens, toilets and corridors. However, with the advent of aluminum gussets and aluminum-plastic panels, PVC panels have been replaced step by step, mainly because PVC panels are more susceptible to aging and yellowing.

The above is some of the types and construction techniques for the ceilings in the decoration. You can make the right choice according to your own requirements and conditions, so that your family can have a more comfortable environment.

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