Teach you how the digital force gauge is measured

The user does not come into contact with digital force gauge or about to be in contact Digital Force gauge product is very much like to know how to push digital force gauge is measured, following on from the Shanghai Heng cast several small series to Force Gauge Teach everyone how to measure digital force gauges

Digital push-pull gauge picture

Digital force gauge data chart

Digital force gauge measurement steps are as follows:

1. Preparations for measurement Check that the power supply is adequate.

2. Install the test head, select the appropriate test head attachment or fixture and install it on the test rod.

3. The use of the extension rod: If you can not touch the test object after installing the fixture, you can use the attached extension rod to install the fixture, when using the extension rod test, 4. The measurement and digital display force gauge need to be On the same line, otherwise it will not be able to measure the correct load value measurement

4. Press the ON/OFF key to switch the power. After the self-test of the instrument is completed, the instrument can enter the normal working state.

5. Select the appropriate test mode (load real-time value / peak hold / peak hold automatic delay), press the "peak" button to display the word "PEAK", for peak hold mode, "AUTO PEAK" for peak hold automatic delay release In mode, each time the peak key is pressed, the three modes are cycled.

6. Press the "Units" button to toggle the unit for the test force values ​​(N, kg, and lb).

7. Press the "Settings" button to set the upper and lower limits, the minimum acquisition value, the automatic shutdown time, the peak automatic release time, etc.

8. Fix the push-pull gauge on the tester. When the tester and the push-pull force meter are in a straight line, perform the test and read the reading.

9. Measure several times to average and record the value to the appropriate position.

10. Remove the push-pull force gauge and its probe and retract it into the box.

After reading the above steps, I believe that readers should have a new understanding of how the digital push-pull gauge is measured. If you still have any questions, you are welcome to contact us. We will have professionals for you. Explain in detail.

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