Does the fingerprint lock advantage stand out or will replace the normal lock?

We all know that traditional door locks use mechanical keys to open the door, but the mechanical keys often forget to carry them, or the mechanical keys are lost, or even copied by the ulterior motives, which brings great trouble and inconvenience to people. Especially the security issue is even more disturbing.
Not long ago, the CCTV news channel "Weekly Quality Report" column exposed the problem that the anti-theft lock of ordinary anti-theft locks is weak and there are potential safety hazards. In the program, any thief can use the "tweezing lock" technology to steal the belongings of others. After the column was broadcast, the residents were in danger. While paying attention to the safety performance of their own door locks, they also had a doubt. What kind of door locks are safe and reliable? If you don't use ordinary locks, what can we use?
At present, the domestic market mainly focuses on these products: mechanical lock, induction lock, password lock, and fingerprint lock. The functional principle and technical application of each product are different. The mechanical lock is the lock with the lowest technical content. At present, the most common use of ordinary people is the ordinary mechanical lock. Induction locks and password locks are often used in business and public spaces. The door locks used in hotel rooms are induction locks, and many companies have chosen password locks for door control. Among the four types of locks, the fingerprint lock is the highest-tech lock. The high-end fingerprint lock product combines the four technologies of “fingerprint, password, magnetic card and mechanical key”. Therefore, its manufacturing process and technology content are the highest. of.
So what are the advantages of a fingerprint lock with four technologies in comparison to a popular mechanical lock?
Advantage 1: Safety
First, the door lock is safer to open. The mechanical lock needs to be opened with a key, so the opening part of the keyhole must be exposed, which makes the thief have a chance. Unlike the mechanical lock, the fingerprint lock needs to open the door with a fingerprint or a password. His collection part is outside the door, and the central control part is inside, so there is no need to worry about being maliciously damaged by the thief.
Second, fingerprint authentication is unique. Fingerprint locks use biometric technology, which uses human physiology or behavioral characteristics to identify identities. It is irreplaceable, unrepeatable, and unique. Since biometric technology needs to sense various physiological characteristics such as temperature, texture, and blood flow of the finger, the fingerprint copying technique can only be successful in the movie, and cannot be realized in the real society. At present, the industry's requirement for fingerprint lock resolution is 500dpi, while the highest in the country is the fingerprint lock resolution of the first gyr, reaching 560dpi.
At present, the country still adopts the GA/T73-94 "mechanical anti-theft lock" industry standard promulgated by the Ministry of Public Security in 1994. This standard has low requirements for anti-theft door locks and can no longer meet the needs of modern security. A small number of high-end fingerprint lock brands will apply for the highest quality ANSI certification in the United States. As the most stringent quality certification in the world, ANSI certification further ensures the security and high quality of fingerprint lock products.
Advantage 2: Intelligence
First, store fingerprint and password information in large quantities. The initial user can add or delete user information autonomously. When the user needs to add an entry permission for multiple people, only the fingerprint or password information of the other party needs to be input into the system. Conversely, when the user wants to prevent someone (for example, a decorator, a former nanny, etc.) from entering the home, delete his relevant information. The intelligent operation eliminates the need for the user to constantly change the lock or key, saving the user unnecessary expenses and trouble.
Second, the use of passwords and magnetic card technology. Considering that some users have natural defects and cannot use fingerprint opening technology, high-end fingerprint lock products are equipped with password and magnetic card technology, which can be used by users of different habits and ages. These three technologies do not affect each other and complement each other, and can better serve users.
Many fingerprint locks now also have intelligent derivative security features. Such as anti-smash alarm function, this function can immediately sound a warning when the lock body is damaged by external violence, directly interlocking the alarm device, effectively preventing the thief from entering the room. There is also a smart home function, the first Gil fingerprint lock product can provide a smart home interface, to achieve intelligent home-wide home, to meet the needs of users seeking smart technology consumption.
Advantage three: convenience
The convenience of the fingerprint lock is reflected in the fact that no one will worry about opening the door at any time. Whether you forget to bring the key, or you can't open the door with your hands full of things, or you can get drunk at night, you can't remember where the key is. You can avoid the above-mentioned embarrassing situation with the fingerprint lock.
For young people who love fashion technology, the use of fingerprint locks greatly enhances their experience of smart home life. Especially in today's rapid development of electronic technology, the use of fingerprint locks will better link with smart communications such as mobile phones, becoming the first port to open smart homes in the future.
Although fingerprint locks have lost many users because of the slightly higher price, in today's society, electronic technology will become the only direction for future development. With its advantages of security, intelligence and convenience, fingerprint locks will definitely replace mechanical locks as the first choice for residents.

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