Labor insurance products in various industries

Food processing industry
Toilets: Sealed hand sanitizers can effectively avoid cross-infection and improve the quality of cleanliness and hygiene.
Conveyor belt cleaning: Fast and efficient conveyor belt cleaning is the top priority in improving production efficiency and avoiding food contamination.
Product change belt cleaning: Using a pair of wiping products can increase the efficiency of shift cleaning operations and reduce the risk of cross contamination.
Food processing: In order to meet the high standards of food safety and hygiene, you need to use food-grade cleaning wipes.

Catering services
Dining area: The dining area is the facade of a restaurant. The clean and healthy image is a key factor in attracting customers.
Food preparation area: Even at the peak of a meal, food hygiene and dining service efficiency can be taken into consideration.
Toilets: Providing comprehensive hand hygiene products to ensure that guests eat healthier and eat more comfortably.

Rooms: neat and clean environment and good customer service, giving people the comfort of home.
Toilets: The details that leave a good impression on the guests, you can start from here.
Kitchen: Cleaning of the hotel kitchen is usually tiring and time consuming. Good cleaning products can help you improve food safety, hygiene and work efficiency.
Employee Area: Making employees happy and providing efficient products is the best way to boost employee morale.

aviation industry
Line maintenance: professional aviation wipe products help you efficiently complete route maintenance. Good gloves protect employees from injury.
Base maintenance: In addition to professional aviation wipe products, it is necessary to provide various products such as gloves, masks, protective clothing, and welding devices according to the use requirements to help customers complete the base maintenance work with the highest standards.
Restrooms: Toilet solutions with complete categories and easy maintenance can improve the working environment and personal hygiene of employees.

Medical clinic
Nursing station: Protect the family members of the patients and medical personnel from hospital infections. The use of mild moisturizing foam hand soap is an effective method to prevent the spread of germs.
Toilets: Clean and hygienic washroom environment to protect the families of the patients and medical staff from the threat and risk of bacterial infection.
Ward: Providing quality and economical hygiene products in the ward can leave a good impression on the family members of the patients.
Highly Infected Zones: Give medical care promptly and correctly. You need reliable, affordable products ready to go.
Lab: Your lab needs to use a trusted brand to protect yourself and your experimental process and results. It needs to provide you with a package of solutions that will allow you to work safely and efficiently!
Public places: Keep public areas clean and keep your patients at ease in the facilities in each area.

Metal manufacturing
Surface treatment: Professional wipe products help you to complete the key work of surface treatment more efficiently.
Assembly: Professional wipe products help you to complete the important work of assembly line more efficiently.
General maintenance: The maintenance of the production line requires a good wipe product to help you complete important work more efficiently.
Toilets: Easy-to-use hand-washing equipment can help you effectively perform hand cleaning and prevent contamination during the process, improving overall hygiene and efficiency.
Metal smelting / steel manufacturing: We provide you with professional body protection equipment, effectively prevent the damage of metal particles and chemical oils; professional oil absorption wipe solution to ensure the clean and tidy working environment.
Machining: We need to provide you with professional wiping without dust residue, to meet your most demanding process requirements; professional security products to ensure your employees' occupational safety.
Construction Machinery: From the bridge box, assembly, welding, spraying, to the cleaning and maintenance of hydraulic components, we need to provide you with professional wipes and professional safety protection solutions with perfect grease/grease function and no dust residue.
Fan: In the blade manufacturing and assembly of the fan, we provide you with professional body protection equipment, effectively prevent the damage of chemical solvents and particles; Professional wipe solution without hair residue to meet your stringent requirements.
Components: We need to provide you with professional wiping without dust residue, to meet your most demanding process requirements; professional security products to ensure the safety of your employees.

Office building
Pantry: A clean, clean and healthy office environment can keep employees happy and give your customers a good impression.
Office: Providing a healthy, hygienic and safe working environment for employees can increase employee engagement and make your employees healthier, more efficient and happier!
Toilets: Clean and hygienic toilets allow employees to feel comfortable at home even in the workplace.
Cleaning: Cleaning and maintenance work in office buildings is usually tiring and time consuming. Good cleaning wipes and personal protection products can help you improve work efficiency and effectiveness and ensure job safety.

auto industry
Stamping workshop: The professional products you need are the indispensable equipments for the workpiece moving installation and the removal of welding residue oil.
Welding shop: The professional product is an indispensable equipment for the process of moving the workpiece and removing the welding residue oil.
Painting shop: Any minor errors or improper handling during the painting process can cause product defects. You need to use professional wiping products to ensure that processes such as cleaning, degreasing, degumming, and body cleaning are performed in a quality and efficient manner.
Assembly shop: The final assembly is made up of a wide variety of sub-processes, from simple wiping of dust stains to removal of excess glass glue or wiping of oil droplets, each of which may affect the final product quality.
Equipment maintenance: Cleaning and maintenance of molds, maintenance of machinery and equipment, and cleaning of spilled oil are important parts of daily work.
Component Manufacturing: Automotive components have become an important foundation to support the development of the entire industry. Need to provide a variety of quality products for the production process of each component to protect the health of employees, improve work efficiency, and create a clean environment!
After-sales maintenance and maintenance: regular maintenance and maintenance of the car is necessary. It is necessary to provide a full range of wiping products to efficiently complete the cleaning inside and outside the car. The excellent gloves and welding series products provide excellent protection for professional maintenance work.
Restrooms: Toilet solutions with complete categories and easy maintenance can improve the working environment and personal hygiene of employees.

Electronic Engineering
Electronic components: Adhering to the principle of providing safe, efficient, and reliable services to customers, we use professional wiping and safety protection solutions to assist in the processing of high-performance super-micro components.
PCB: We are deeply aware of the real needs of our customers, both in the manufacture of hard and soft boards and in the occupational safety protection and personal hygiene cleaning of factory employees.
SMT: SMT stencil wiping paper can make the stencil cleaner, positioning printing more clear, and greatly improve the efficiency of the patch.
Household Appliances: Provides solutions to remove metal debris and impurities from the surface of the die and to clean the appliance housing and production line equipment.
Battery Manufacturing: Provides professional wipe and security solutions that cover key manufacturing processes for battery manufacturing.
Solar PV: Tailored professional wipe and security solutions that cover solar wafers and battery manufacturing, solar cell module production and packaging.
Power Transmission and Distribution: Provide you with professional cleaning and protection solutions for key manufacturing stations.

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