Six ways to remove mycotoxins from feed

Mycotoxins not only cause animal poisoning and death, but also reduce the animal's immune function, so that its growth is hindered, production performance and disease resistance are reduced. Therefore, how to remove the mycotoxin in the feed is particularly important for the animal husbandry, then remove What are the effective methods for mycotoxins in feed?
First, lime water immersion method
1. First crush the moldy feed into small pieces;
2. The dry lime powder is mixed into the moldy feed at a ratio of 0.8 to 1%, and the feed mixed with the lime powder is poured into the tank;
3. Finally, pour the purified water into the tank for 1 minute according to the ratio of 1 part of the water to 2 parts of water. Allow it to stand for 6-8 hours, then remove the water and rinse it 2~3 times with clean water. , used after drying.
(Note: This method is applicable to cereal seed feeds such as corn and sorghum)
Second, the washing method
First, the moldy feed is pulverized into granules, and 3 to 4 times of clean water is added to the container, and then stirred, soaked, and the water is mixed once a day for 2 times until the soaked water changes from brown to clear and colorless. until.
(Note: This method applies to seed grain feed)
Third, drying method
The moldy feed is first placed in the sun to dry, then shaken and ventilated to remove mold spores.
(Note: This method is easy to apply to straw feed detoxification)
Fourth, alkaline boiling detoxification method
That is, add 300 kg of purified water per 100 kg of moldy feed, then add 500 g of soda ash or 1 kg of quicklime, stir and simmer. When the feed is cracked, stop the fire, let it cool naturally, then rinse it with clean water. When you can't smell the alkali, you can use it.
(Note: This method is applicable to detoxification of seed, such as corn and sorghum)
Five, degerming method
First, crush the corn into small pieces, put it in a container, add 5-6 times of purified water, stir and knead. When the pieces of the embryos surfaced, they will be removed and dumped. Detoxification purposes.
(Note: This method only applies to the detoxification of corn)
Sixth, ammonia detoxification method
The ammonia detoxification method is also known as the high temperature treatment method, that is, a certain amount of ammonia water is mixed in the moldy feed, and then placed in a container and stirred uniformly to be closed. It can be unsealed after standing in the room for more than three days at room temperature. It should be noted that after unsealing, the feed must be placed in the air for more than 24 hours before it can be used to volatilize the ammonia.

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