Safety shoes are too soft and hard to affect foot health

Labor insurance shoes are too soft and the center of gravity is unstable. Some people wear shoes that are worn loose and worn, and are not willing to throw them. When they wear shoes, they do not tie their shoes tightly. In fact, this can not provide enough support for the foot. Over time, the cartilage tissue between the ankle and knee bones will degenerate.

Suggestion: When choosing safety shoes, the heel part of the shoe must be firmly "grabbed" in the foot. When you wear it, your laces should be fastened, your toes can move, your big toes can naturally arch, but the heels will not move.

Labor insurance soles are hard and withstand 7% pressure. In addition, wearing too hard protective shoes may also increase knee osteoarthritis.

Suggestions: When you buy work safety shoes, you can fold the soles of your shoes and check their softness. The suitable hard and soft safety shoes should be folded at the same time, the position and angle of the bent sole, and the degree of bending of the sole of the foot when walking.

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