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Thomas Furniture takes you to meet a designer who turned Dashan into a traveler's paradise!

When it comes to Chinese village dwellings, many people may frown deeply. In the impression of most people, Chinese villages are only linked to poverty and backwardness, and there is no slight pleasing.

But there is such a designer, called Li Dexue, who is cool on the outside but warm on the inside. He plunged into the depths of the poor and backward mountains in the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan, and built a house in the village that combines contemporary design and traditional Chinese aesthetics. When the night comes, the beautiful silhouette of the hut turns into a lighthouse under the light, guiding people who want to gather together.

In fact, the village is beautiful, and the building is even more beautiful because of the mountains and water.

Meet special people and do something special

Sichuan's Ganzi Niubei Mountain is the most beautiful place to view the sea of ​​clouds, and Pumaidi is the closest village to the mountain and the cheapest reception station. The village is beautiful and quiet, and you can see the stars of the sea of ​​clouds. But poverty, occlusion, and sparse population. Like many villages, this is an empty nest village mostly filled with elderly people and children. Therefore, tourists and volunteers are unable to receive them.

It was not until another group of volunteers stayed in the village and proposed to "Dream Remodeler" that they wanted to renovate the house. Only then did such a purely public welfare renovation plan change this situation.

Volunteers hope to change the house they rent into a place with a modern bathroom and a study. The original three-story building has heavy walls, narrow doors and windows, mottled walls, and dim light. He lives next to Brother Er and can clearly smell the atmosphere of Brother Two ... Naturally, the kitchen is No, the toilet is also a dry toilet.

The wish is so simple, but they didn't expect that they met this architect with human feelings, and their little dream was realized greatly. They were too big to imagine it before.

In the face of doubt, know what you want

Some people do n’t understand that Li Daode is so expensive, and feel that it is useless to build such a luxurious house in a closed village.

Li Daode responded to this, I just want to build a perfect house, like a house that grows out of the mountains, so that someone will endlessly want to come and watch, as long as there are people willing to come, the villagers ’lives Better and better, there will be a way out.

This is a designer with the most simple humanistic care. Only when the designer is building a house for people, not when building a house, will the house he built convey such a warm temperature.

Volunteers only wanted a bathroom and a reading room, but Li Mori's design was clearly ahead of schedule.

This is a modern and even futuristic building. It uses digital logic for the overall design. In the construction environment of China, especially in remote areas of China, there will be obstacles to understanding. Sure enough, when he returned to Chengdu with the drawings, the construction party could not fully understand his design intent.

Because the drawings are too complicated and the transformation has not yet begun, it is necessary to collectively circle the rhythm. Finally, it was difficult to talk to the construction party to understand that others were reluctant to do it, because I heard that the construction site was deep in the mountains, and it was too partial, and no one was willing to go.

There is no way in the world, as long as someone is willing to go

If there is no construction team willing to take on this job, then we will do it ourselves. So Li Daode led the villagers to do it themselves.

The house in Li Dao ’s imagination must be in line with traditional Chinese architecture, have more service functions, and be in harmony with the local natural environment.

Therefore, he added a traditional wooden roof to the masonry building, and then paved with the blue tiles commonly used in the local area. The overall style did not seem too out of place and satisfied the designer's imagination.

However, the ideal is very full, the reality is very skinny, the construction encountered difficulties, especially the wooden structure of the roof, there is no place to buy. The wood is easy to find, it is made from the local bamboo in Sichuan and processed into bamboo steel. It is a high-performance bamboo-based fiber composite material with ultra-high flexibility and is not afraid of moisture. Especially important is that it is not easy to catch fire. It is also a recyclable material, which is very environmentally friendly and energy saving. Although the materials are easy to find, no factory can do it, because the factory has not done this special structure. It must be combined with the drawings and made on the construction site.

Explaining the special design of the roof part, Li Morality said: "There is a certain form of connection between this undulating roof and the mountains behind and the distant sea of ​​clouds, but what we hope to create is a connection between the heart and emotion, When donkey friends, volunteers, or even villagers walk on foot, it is far more likely to see such a small unique and familiar building at the entrance of the village with a slight warm light, just like the lighthouse when the ship sailed in the sea, It is a call to and encouragement for people, with such a strong sense of belonging. "The whole looks really like a beacon with mountains growing here, clouds floating here, and life and emotion.

There is a wood fire stand, a bathroom, a reading room, a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen dining room, and a small lounge in the attic.

Extraordinary things are also done by ordinary people

They are just ordinary villagers, but the houses with such a complicated design are built by them brick by brick.

He is an excellent designer, a famous teacher, and a lot of works, but it is such a hut in a closed mountain village that so many people are moved and happy to preach.

An architect, if he just makes the beautiful city more beautiful, then he is an excellent talent.

But if he can also inject his body temperature into his building to warm others, then he is a person who delivers blessings.

he came

Five months later, he left

Left my own blessings to the whole village

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