The design method of the family shoe cabinet, the taboo of the home shoe cabinet

For families with a large family size, home shoe cabinets are indispensable because the home shoe cabinets can help us to store the shoes of our home. The shoe cabinets are used to place shoes and are in family life. One of the must-have furniture. For the home shoe cabinet, the design can have different ideas, this shoe cabinet area can not only put some, but also can design some other functions, then follow the decoration home network Xiaobian to understand the design method of the home shoe cabinet. The relevant content of the taboos in the family shoe cabinet!


First, the design method of the family shoe cabinet

1. The home shoe design function can be handled flexibly

When designing the home shoe cabinet, you need to consider the size of the entrance, the aesthetics of the shoe cabinet, the structure of the porch and the shoe cabinet, etc. The function can be handled flexibly, not only the shoes can be put, but also several keys, backpacks, umbrellas, etc. can be designed. Intimate function based on actual needs. In terms of structure and color, it is necessary to consider the coordination with the overall interior decoration style.

2. The style of the home shoe depends on the size of the space

For families with smaller entrances, the door of the home shoe cabinet can be designed to be sliding and not too thick; you can also choose a combination shoe that is designed to be “hanged” on the wall. Can save space. If the space for placing the home shoe cabinet is large, it can be designed as a double-door, full-featured shoe cabinet, and can also be equipped with a small shoe stool, an umbrella bucket and the like.

3. The size of the home shoe depends on the needs of living habits

The size of the home shoe cabinet can be designed according to the actual situation. The internal design can be considered for partitioning. For example, it can be divided into members by the members in the home shoe cabinet. It can be divided into male, female and children. It can also be divided into common and infrequently used areas. Then set the internal partition according to the size of the shoe. If the home shoe cabinet is small, you can also consider storing seasonal or infrequent shoes in other storage spaces, such as the closet of the locker room or the bottom of the bedroom.

4. The height design of the shoe cabinet

The height of the shoe is designed to take into account the height of the house and the height of the user. In general, the height of the shoe cannot exceed one third of the height of the owner. There is a saying that is genius, and the talent is the talent. The height of the shoe floor material can not occupy the middle talents, otherwise it will affect health.

5. The design of the shoe should be grounded

The shoe cabinet is the place where the shoes are placed. The shoes are the foundation of people walking. If the shoe cabinet does not land, it will produce a feeling that the shoes are not empty, which may easily lead people to fall. Of course, these are just folk customs, and Ning is credible.


Second, the family shoe cabinet placed taboo

1. Shoe cabinet can not be placed on the left side of the door

This situation is for the shoe cabinet to be placed outside the door. In Feng Shui, the left side of the door is the Qinglong position, while the right side is the white tiger position. The white tiger position can be used to keep the fierce.

2. Shoe cabinet can not be placed directly facing the entrance of the gate

The older generation of people are superstitious in saying that if the shoe cabinet is placed against the door, it will keep the people in the family sick.

The above is the design method of the family shoe cabinet, the detailed answer to the taboos of the family shoe cabinet, I do not know if you are satisfied with the introduction of the home decoration of the decoration home network. If you want to know more about the exciting content, please continue to pay attention to our home encyclopedia!

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