Adhesive tiles with what glue good tile adhesive matters needing attention

What glue is good for sticking tiles? It may be a very simple question for all professional decorators, but for decorating white, you may want to paste your own tiles, and you will find it impossible to start. So today, Xiao Bian came to tell everyone, what glue is good for sticking tiles ? By the way, understand the precautions for using tile adhesives.

What glue is good for sticking tiles?

Tile adhesive

Tile adhesives are also known as tile adhesives or adhesives, viscose mud, and so on. Tile adhesive is a new type of material for modern decoration. It replaces the traditional cement yellow sand. The adhesive strength of the glue is certainly much better than that of cement yellow sand, which can avoid the risk of losing bricks. The main characteristics of tile adhesives are high bonding strength, water resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, good aging resistance and convenient construction. It is a very ideal bonding material.

2. Tile adhesive

Tile adhesive, also called dry sticking, is a new type of paving accessories. It changed the wet process of cement mortar, eliminating the need to soak the tile in advance, and the base surface does not need to be wet, as long as the best basic conditions are sufficient. This can greatly improve the operating conditions. It is no longer cumbersome and complicated, and it can also reduce various costs.

3. Colorful caulking agent

The colorful caulking agent, not the ordinary colored cement, is usually used on the floor or wall that is left on the seamed floor. The colorful features of the colorful sealant are the most varied, and they have strong pressure resistance and wear resistance.

4, a variety of combinations of specifications

It is characterized by the selection of a variety of geometries of different sizes of tiles arranged in groups in a certain combination of paving. Due to the combination of different sizes and combinations of floor tiles, the geometric lines of the ground are immediately changed and the changes in the order are vivid.

5. Edge band cross positioning frame

The use of these auxiliary materials has greatly improved the construction process of the inside and outside corners of the pavement. It no longer requires 45-degree edge trimming of tiles, which greatly saves man-hours and damage. Cross-positioning can improve the sewing accuracy of floor tiles and simplify the construction process.

Tile adhesive use matters needing attention

1. The use of tile adhesives is different from traditional yellow sand cement. Generally, it is not necessary to soak ceramic tiles and it is not necessary to wet the base surface. However, if it is a water-absorbing tile or a base layer, it should be soaked for a few minutes.

2. When using tile adhesives, the initial strength is relatively low. Generally, the use intensity can be reached after 7 hours, and heavy loads on the tile surface should be avoided within 24 hours.

3. Antifreeze type is available in winter and can be constructed within -10°C.

4. The adhesiveness of tile adhesive to ceramic tile and base surface is several times that of cement, which can effectively avoid brick dropping.

Editor's summary: The above is a small series about the use of adhesive glue tile tiles and the use of precautions introduced. After reading this article, everyone should have a certain understanding of what glues should be used for sticking tiles and what should be taken into account when using tile adhesives.

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