What is seamless wall covering?

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to wall decoration. The requirement for wall decoration is not only environmental protection, but also aesthetic is very important. Wall decoration is not only a paint option, but also wall cloth, wallpaper, diatom mud and so on. What we need to know today is knowledge of seamless wall coverings . What is a seamless wall covering? What are its advantages? Let's follow Xiaobian together to understand it.

What is a seamless wall covering?

Seamless wall covering is a kind of wall covering, also called seamless wall covering. It is a new wall covering product developed in China in recent years. It is designed according to the height of the interior wall surface and can be built according to the interior wall surface. The perimeter-studded wall coverings, generally wall coverings with a width of 2.7 to 3.10 meters, are called seamless wall coverings.

"Seamless" is the overall construction, which can be cut according to the perimeter of the room. The width of the wall cloth is greater than or equal to the height of the room. A room is affixed with a cloth without splicing. Seamless paste, strong sense of three-dimensional, good feel, decorative effect, waterproof, oil, anti-fouling, dust-proof, anti-static anti-crack, easy care and other functions.

Second, the advantages of seamless wall cloth

1, environmental protection

Multifunctional seamless wall covering is a kind of wall material processed with silk, wool, cotton, hemp and other natural fiber textiles as raw materials. It adopts a new production process to implement a strict production process and strictly controls environmental protection quality.

2, mold

The anti-mildew function of the seamless wall covering is ensured by different ways according to the material of the wall covering itself.

The first is to use high-tech nano-patented technology to treat textiles and cotton, and to increase the anti-microbial and anti-mildew functions of the wall cloth without changing the texture and performance of textiles. The antibacterial sterilization rate reaches 99%, and the mildew prevention level reaches a first-class index. The antibacterial rate is 99%, and the anticorrosion performance is good. The wall cloth itself has the functions of sterilization, antibacterial, and anticorrosion during the course of use. The mold has no living environment. Even if it is damp, the moisture will be discharged through the fine gaps of the wall cloth, so as to achieve prevention. Mildew effect.

The second is the use of polyester fabrics, in order to prevent the wall fabric during the use of the air due to humidity or under the influence of external factors deterioration or mildew phenomenon, the cloth surface and the coating surface by adding a barrier layer, the occurrence of mildew The medium is isolated to effectively protect the wall cloth from mildew and thus has a mildew-proof effect.


3, anti-fouling

Seamless wall covering is waterproof, oil-proof, and dust-proof. The first is the use of high-tech nano-patented technology to process the fabrics and base materials of multi-functional wall coverings. The anti-static index of wall coverings is 5.0*10 hydrophobicity, 100, oil resistance rating 7, water or oil. The splash will fall on its own without leaving any traces. The wall cloth is not stained during use and has been clean. The second is in the coating flocking production process, the former process to add anti-fouling finishing process, excellent waterproof performance, resulting in the surface of the wall cloth is not easy to be contaminated, encountered liquids such as oily or water is easy to slide and does not remain (such as cola, water, oil traces and other contaminants); if dust or dirt, etc., it is also very easy to clean and tidy.


4, easy to take care of

Seamless wall coverings are produced using high-tech nano-patented technology. Because they have many functions such as antibacterial, waterproof, oil-proof and anti-fouling, they can be kept clean and easy to handle.

Polyester multi-functional seamless wall coverings have been waterproof, oil-proof and dust-proof, and they are easy to handle. Ordinary dust can be wiped with a feather duster to remove it; lightly dirty, it can be removed by scrubbing with a white wet towel; heavy dirt, with a white wet towel, and some neutral detergent, can basically clean.

5, seamless stitching

The seamless wall covering is not like ordinary wall coverings and wallpapers are spliced ​​together with many small pieces. It is a splicing that does not require splicing. Therefore, there is no other joint except the starting point and the end point of the entire wall surface. Multifunctional seamless wall cloth height of 2.70m ~ 2.90m or so to meet the general residential interior wall height, if the wall height exceeds 3.1M, you can do the wall skirting or the upper pressure lines or the middle of the horizontal splicing methods do not have seams Or seldom splicing, to avoid or reduce the common wallpaper, wall fabric joints cracking troubles, but there is no plastic spill situation.

6, flame retardant

The flame-retardant function of the multi-functional seamless wall cloth treated with high-tech nano-patented technology has reached the national standard of the BI level, the United States SGS standard A level. The use of other methods can also make polyester multifunctional wall coverings meet the flame retardant requirements. According to national regulations, the highest flame-retardant rating of textiles is B1, and B2 standards are lower than B1 requirements. It mainly means that when the cloth is burned vertically, it will automatically block and burn within 5 seconds and less than 15 seconds.

7, breathable, moisture-proof

The use of high-tech nano patented technology, so that the product has a good breathability, so it is also known as the wall cloth will breathe, not only breathable but also moisture.


8, reduce noise

The use of high-tech nano patent technology, fast sound, echo is small, so the sound insulation, noise reduction effect is significantly stronger than other types of wall coverings, naturally become a bad choice of soundproofing of the building wall decoration.

9, wear-resistant

The multi-functional seamless wall covering using high-tech nano-patented technology is surely more wear-resistant than ordinary wallpaper. General long-fiber fabrics are not a problem with friction for several dozen times, and thousands of fibers are aggregated together. Its fastness and strength are huge.


10, anti-static

There are many hazards of static electricity. In order to prevent static electricity, multi-functional seamless wall cloths produced using high-tech nano patented technology or fabric and coating flocking combined application technology are all added with anti-static technology during the production process.

In a word, compared with ordinary wall coverings, seamless wall coverings can be seamlessly affixed, which is convenient and quick. Compared with wallpapers, seamless wall coverings are rich in style, distinct in texture, soft in texture, sound-absorbing and breathable, not easy to burst, simple to apply, and replaced. It is easy to clean with water, and has the following advantages: it is flame-retardant, energy-saving, sound-absorbing, sound-insulating, antibacterial, mold-proof, waterproof, oil-proof, anti-fouling, dust-proof, anti-static and other functions. Therefore, seamless wall covering is called multi-functional seamless wall covering on many occasions.


Edit Summary: The above is about the introduction of what is seamless wall covering wall covering and seamless advantage of it, you after reading this article, is not for seamless wall covering gained a deeper understanding of it? It is because of the advantages of seamless wall coverings that they are becoming more and more popular.

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