Wind warm bath buy knowledge heating warm bath buy and install points

For a more comfortable bath, many owners choose to install Yuba in the bathroom. The warm wind bath has the advantages of safety, warmth, etc., and is well received by the owners. There are many types and brands of wind-heating baths on the market. How should one choose? The following Xiaobian share this issue with everyone.

Wind warm bath buy a

Some owners think that the more expensive the warm wind Yuba, the better. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Yuba should choose according to the needs of use. Because the restrooms are very humid and there have been incidents of using Yuba in accidents, safety is the first thing we must consider when purchasing warm air baths. Xiao Bian suggested that we should buy the best brand products, so that the quality and after-sale are more secure.

Wind warm bath buy points two

There are many kinds of wind-heating baths on the market, and their functions are different. When we buy Yuba, we need to start from the area of ​​the toilets in our home. If the size of the toilets is small, we can choose a bath that has a good ventilation effect; if it is a new house, you can choose a ceiling type bath because it does not account for ceiling type baths. Space, and fashionable, stylish; If it is the old house, according to whether there is ceiling, ceiling thickness is sufficient, whether there is enough plug to choose the Yuba.

Wind warm bath buy points three

We buy Yuba mainly for the purpose of heating, so there is no need to buy too good. If your house is decorated for rent, then you don't need to choose a good Yuba, and you can choose a good warm wind Yuba. Now the middle and low-end products in the regular brands, the price between one or two hundred dollars is enough.

Wind warm bath buy points four

After the bath is selected, where should we install it in the bathroom? Xiao Bian suggested that you install the bathroom heater in the middle of the bathroom. This is safe and practical. We must not install the Yuba in the shower room, because the shower room or the shower screen usually have shower facilities, and the shower room is too small and the height is low. Compared to other spaces, the shower room The temperature is so high that there is no need to install Yuba in the shower room.

Although Yuba is only a small item in the bathroom, its quality is related to our safety. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the above details when shopping. The above is related to Xiao Bian's knowledge about the purchase of wind-heating Yuba, as well as the main points of wind-heating Yuba shopping. If you have more related questions, please continue to pay attention to Qijia Information.

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