Kitchen Feng Shui: kitchen decoration Feng Shui knowledge

People often say that Feng Shui believes in its existence, and it is not credible. Feng Shui is a very hanging thing. Maybe it will be spiritual. After all, good things in the world are not good. There are still many things that are bad things. So the following small series introduces you to the kitchen decoration Feng Shui in the kitchen Feng Shui , so that you can get the blessing of the gods when you decorate the kitchen.


Kitchen orientation decoration Feng Shui knowledge

The kitchen is a region with a lot of water, and it is regarded as a relatively unlucky place in the house. The good and bad of its location often affects the rise and fall of home transportation. In the process of washing and cooking food, the kitchen uses a lot of water, and water is a symbol of wealth, so it is not conducive to the accumulation of wealth, so it is necessary to save water.


Kitchen stove decoration Feng Shui knowledge

The kitchen stove should be placed in the direction of the feng shui principle. If you are located in Kyrgyzstan, your family is healthy and your relationship is harmonious. On the contrary, marriage is full, often quarreling or frail. The kitchen is best placed in the four murderers of the parent's life, which helps to suppress the evil spirits of the murderer. The yang generated by the fire can be adjusted and the smoldering of the murderer can improve the feng shui. The kitchen should also be located in the back half of the home, as far as possible from the gate. If you are unable to point the mouth to any parent of the parent due to the limitations of the kitchen design, try to point the mouth to the mother's extended year, which will enhance the harmony of family relationships.

Stoves, sinks, dish racks, etc. should be placed in the correct position. The stove is most likely to be shot by the faucet, and it is easy to get dysentery and gastrointestinal problems. If the sink and the stove are in line, it will not affect the couple's feelings and health. If the position of the stove and the head of the water are curved (L-shaped), the fire and water can be avoided, which is also in line with the feng shui.


Kitchen door decoration Feng Shui

The kitchen door can't face the bedroom door, the smoke is smoked, and the owner is dizzy and tempered. The kitchen door can't face the toilet door. The stove is the source of a large and small stomach. It is a nagging gas. The toilet is an unclean place. The kitchen represents fire, the toilet represents water, and the water and fire are incompatible, which will lead to the loss of husband and wife. The house will also affect the health of the family. The kitchen and the toilet cannot be the same door. Some families want to save space and make the kitchen and toilet share one door in and out. This makes the home hot and cold, which is unlucky. What's more, the advanced toilet, and then into the kitchen, the appetite is absolutely unsuccessful. . The balcony walkway can't be right on the stove, the promenade is under pressure, the Lord does not gather wealth, and is prone to high blood pressure and other diseases. The stove of the kitchen can't be opposite to the refrigerator and the sink. The refrigerator also represents the place where it can be stored and gathered. Its nature is water, and it is most afraid of fire attack. The cooktop should not be under the beam, and it is not suitable to be pressed in places where it is often in and out of the house. This is especially true for food as a platform for food.


Kitchen color decoration Feng Shui

Kitchen color can be based on personal hobbies. Generally speaking, the light and bright colors make the small kitchen appear spacious; the low purity color makes the kitchen warm, intimate and harmonious; the warm color of the hue makes the kitchen atmosphere show the kitchen space atmosphere is lively, passionate Can enhance appetite. Clever use of the characteristics of color can create a visual adjustment of the height and width of the space. The kitchen space is too high and can be treated with a dignified dark color to make it look less high; in a room that is too small, with bright colors and light tones, it creates a sense of spaciousness and comfort.

The well-lit kitchen can be decorated in cool tones to avoid getting hotter in the summer when the sun is strong. The upper part of the ceiling, the upper and lower walls, and the siding can be used in bright colors, while the lower part of the siding and the ground are dark, which makes the indoor center of gravity stable. The north-facing kitchen can use warm colors to enhance the sense of room temperature; the south-eastern room is sunny, and it should be cool to cool down. White can not only arouse people's emotions, but help people's various emotions. Usually, white symbolizes calmness, and emotions are gradually being released and gradually faded. For people who eat, they often do all sorts of things before meals, and may bring a variety of emotions. Waiting to enter the kitchen, if the four white walls can help him calm down the mood, plus the smell of the food, does it not evoke appetite?


The above kitchen Feng Shui: kitchen decoration Feng Shui knowledge will first introduce this, more information, all in GO Jiaju

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