It’s really a good thing to do villa-level decoration without spending more money

1Make good use of accessories, the effect is immediate

Don't want to spend a lot of money and want to look good, accessories products are definitely your first option.

There are many kinds of accessory products, most of the traditional accessories are water jet parquet, waist line, waveguide line, skirting line and so on. Among them, the price of waterjet parquet is more touching, and of course the effect is very impressive.

But in the case of limited budget, Hua Pian is a better choice. The flower piece is an accessory product with artistic patterns. It can not only make a waterjet-like effect, but also can be used as the finished product of the main brick product, which is a sharp tool to enhance the vision.

It is also a good choice to make a wall with flowers

Sometimes, it is not even necessary to engage in a mosaic Rubik's cube, just add a circle of serifs, you can also change the monotonous paving, especially for small spaces, this kind of operation is simple and effective but not messy.

The Mining Roadheader series products are suitable for non-explosive heading projects in the mining field.  They are provided for customers who are not allowed to use explosive methods in coal mines and tunnel engineering.  A series of products are widely used in coal mines, railway highway tunnels, water conservancy projects and other fields. The company's various types of roadheaders meet the customer's design of various sizes of roadways, tunnels, of shale, sandstone, mudstone, coal rock, coal and other rock tunnels and coal mine tunnels with a Platts hardness below 120Mpa.

At present, the roadheader has become the core equipment of mining mechanization and plays an extremely important role in the coal mining process. NHG comprehensively carried out the research and development of advanced technology and equipment for roadheaders in combination with advantageous resources. At present, EBZ100, EBZ132, EBZ160, EBZ180, EBZ230, EBZ260, EBZ280, EBZ300, EBZ320 and other more than 20 types of machines have been developed, and roadheader products have formed a good brand reputation and influence in the international market. The application of these products not only meets the needs of customers, but also effectively improves the service life and production efficiency of the roadheader. 

Mining Roadheader

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