4 reasons why Wu Jinmu fell in love at first sight

Lai's Furniture Newsletter Xiaobian always believes that love at first sight is a very romantic thing, but love at first sight often does not happen. Only in high-quality, high-confidence people or things will this romantic thing happen, and Wu Jinmu It is such a kind of wood that can make people fall in love at first sight. The following small faces will analyze why Wujinmu will make people fall in love at first sight.

对乌金木一见钟情 浪漫的4大理由

1). There is no doubt that the biggest feature of Wujinmu is the natural and beautiful texture. In the natural wood color of Wujinmu, the golden and black curves are in front of you, the color is eye-catching and very fluid, and any cut surface can clearly express the beauty of wood grain. Moreover, Wujinmu has a low material extraction rate, hard wood and difficult processing. Therefore, every product made with Wujinmu is full of strong natural atmosphere.

2). Wujinmu grows in the hilly area with an average elevation of over 1600 meters. The surface layer of the soil is rich in mineral resources. The roots of the trees are deeply penetrated into the mineral layer to absorb nutrients and water. It is because of this special growth environment that it has created the unique metal texture of Wujinmu.

对乌金木一见钟情 浪漫的4大理由

3). Wu Jinmu, known as the "ninth kind of redwood", is not a name. As long as you use a hand to rub a weight, you will find that Wujinmu is much more sinking than other woods. Wujinmu, which has been in existence for a hundred years, is not only one of the rare and rare woods, but also one of the rare and precious woods. It is also excellent in corrosion resistance. It can resist the damage of termites and small cysticercosis. It is the best for the collection of hand-made furniture. wood.

4). As a nobleman of the wood kingdom, Wu Jinmu's "noble quality and delicate body" makes the designers and craftsmen more meticulous. Designers design Wujinmu furniture according to different wood grain and personality, and these cutting methods are more than a dozen, each of which brings amazing beauty to the furniture. It can be said that every piece of Wujinmu solid wood furniture is a beautiful piece of art.

对乌金木一见钟情 浪漫的4大理由

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