Stainless steel sink list Stainless steel sink daily maintenance

The stainless steel sink has a good ability to resist atmospheric oxidation. The surface of the stainless steel sink is formed with a thin, strong and stable, chromium-rich oxide film (protective film) to prevent oxygen atoms from continuing to infiltrate and continue to oxidize, resulting in corrosion resistance. ability. However, the corrosion resistance of the steel varies with the chemical composition of the steel itself, the interaction state, the conditions of use, and the type of environmental media. Next Xiaobian introduced stainless steel sink list and daily maintenance of stainless steel sink.

Stainless steel sink list

Oulin was founded in 1995. To date, Oulin has received a total of more than 180 patents, and has also obtained a number of national environmental quality certifications. It is China's brand name product.

Stainless steel sink list nine grazing

In 1990, Jiumu Group Co., Ltd. was founded in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. Jiumu Group now has four kitchen and toilet production bases. Its output and sales are among the highest in the country and the industry's fastest growing brand.

Stainless steel sink list

Jiade Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd. is the first company to produce sinks in China. Has a wealth of experience and has always been committed to the needs of users. The word of mouth has been very good, and the reputation of the brand is enduring.

Stainless steel sink list Aiken

In 2005, Aiken was established in Zhuhai, China. It introduced advanced product design and production technology and first-class machinery and equipment from the US headquarters, and was committed to becoming a world-leading home sink product for Chinese consumers.

Stainless steel sink list Kohler

Kohler sink is one of the top ten brands. It has pioneering industry research and development technology, icing on the manufacturing process, and fashionable cutting-edge art design, becoming the classic Kohler sink brand. in China. Kohler sinks are positioned in mid- to high-end products, requesting each product with its artfulness and depth, and stimulating people's longing for an elegant quality of life.

Stainless steel sink daily maintenance

1. When decorating the house, the stainless steel sink should pay attention to window ventilation. This can avoid oxidation of the corrosive gas from the decoration materials to the surface of the sink, so that the sink is not prone to rust.

2. For the first time the owner of the renovation, it is necessary to apply a layer of oil to the sink so that it is not easy to rust when used; however, if the sink is not used for a long time, this method can also be used! If it is rusted, Can try with toothpaste, rust effect oh.

3. After using the water tank, rinse it with water and dry it. Do not allow water droplets to remain on the surface of the water tank. High-iron-content water may cause red-brown traces on the surface. If a water-based plate is produced, wipe it off with detergent or melon. Yes.

4. If you do not dry it, it is easy to produce water stains. Try removing the water stain with a low concentration of vinegar solution, and finally clean it with clean water.

5, pay attention to frequent cleaning sink, it is best to use sponge, cloth and neutral detergent, so as to maintain a good sink.

Editor's summary: The stainless steel sink list and daily maintenance of the stainless steel sink are introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

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