Bathroom hydropower renovation considerations

We all know that in the entire home layout, the bathroom and the kitchen are concentrated in water, especially the bathroom, so most of the households will renovate the water and electricity of the bathroom during the renovation, because the original water circuit designed by the developer is basically It is not enough to meet the needs. Then, how to carry out the renovation of the bathroom hydropower? Here is a detailed introduction to everyone, let's get to know it!

Bathroom hydropower transformation:

1, according to the construction of the map

The decoration needs to be designed in advance, and the construction is carried out according to the design drawings. The bathroom hydropower transformation is also the same. The drawings will be designed and drawn before the formal renovation. Therefore, the subsequent design drawings can be used to refer to the bathroom according to the previous design drawings. Positioning construction, no need to design pipelines on site, thus simplifying construction.

2, pipeline seal

Whether it is the water point pipe or the sewer pipe of the bathroom, effective sealing installation is required, so that the insect and odor prevention problems can be completely solved.

3. Standard process

When designing the bathroom water circuit at the beginning, it will clearly define the insulation and installation spacing of the hot and cold water pipes. It can be operated according to the construction drawings during the construction period, which can effectively reduce the energy loss between the hot and cold water pipes. .

4, the basis of the road

According to the previously designed drawings, the pipeline position is provided for the later wall drilling or pipeline maintenance, which can provide convenience for the future transformation and maintenance of the water circuit.

5, depending on the facility

The waterway renovation of the bathroom needs to be based on the facilities and equipment of the bathroom, such as toilets, wash basins, mop pools, bidets, water heaters, solar energy, showers, bathtubs, washing machines, etc. These are the necessary equipment for the bathroom. Before the renovation, the general housing developers only left the tap water all the time. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to increase other waterways according to the needs of the family to ensure more convenient domestic water use.

6, go high and avoid

The bathroom is a place for water, and the circuit is prone to accidents due to water, so it must not be safe in terms of safety. Therefore, when changing the bathroom circuit, the line should be as high as possible, and please operate by professional people to let the professional paint the circuit for you. Construction drawings for future maintenance.

The renovation of the bathroom hydropower is not simple, there are many things to be aware of, and the above mentioned must pay attention to these six items, I hope to help everyone.

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