No finishing required! CBN round head slot milling cutter for direct cutting of quenching molds

Japan's Tungaloy has developed a round-end slot milling cutter "BBB2000" with a cBN (cubic boron nitride) sintered body for cutting edges and has begun sales (figure). The hemispherical cutting edge at the front end of the product is made entirely of cBN sintered body. It can directly cut the hardened mold after quenching, which saves the finishing process of the post-process. The price is 25,200 to 260,250 yen (including tax).

This product is suitable for the processing of molds required for injection molding of mobile phone resin casings. At present, the processing method of the mold is to use a super-hard alloy slot milling cutter for cutting when it is still "soft", and then quenching it in order to improve wear resistance. However, due to the influence of the heat treatment, a slight dimensional error occurs, and therefore, a superhard alloy tool is used for finishing.

In contrast, the new round-end slot milling cutter can directly cut hardened and hardened molds from the beginning. Since no heat treatment is required after cutting, no dimensional error occurs. Therefore, the finishing process can be eliminated, the corresponding cost can be reduced, and the delivery time can be shortened. In addition, the product has a cutting hardness of up to 70 Rockwell hardness (HRC).

In addition, the accuracy of the cutting edge is also improved. By controlling the R precision of the cutting edge to ±5 μm, the R edge and the outer peripheral edge are eliminated, thereby achieving high-precision cutting with extremely small shape error.

As a series of products, the company has prepared four models with round head radius R of 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, and 1.0 mm. The mold shank diameter is 6mm.

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