Summer soybean field herbicide use technology

Jinghecao This medicine is a systemic selective herbicide. It has high control effect on grass weeds, such as Mai Niang, Baotou, hard grass, crabgrass, alfalfa, Annual weeds such as goosegrass, thousand gold, and foxtail. It can also control perennial grass weeds such as white mullet, Bermudagrass (commonly known as horse mixed grass), Shuangsui, and reed.

Usage: Control the weeds of annual grasses in soybean fields. The application period is 3~5 leaf stage of grass weeds. Use 60 ml of 5% fine grass per acre and spray 30 kg of water. It is necessary to use 100 ml per acre to control the reed, and the amount of water is the same as above. Soybean field with broadleaf weeds can be mixed with herbicides such as bentazon to control broadleaf weeds. The formula is 5% pure grass and 60 ml of 48% bentazon per acre. use.

Alachlor is a selective pre-emergence herbicide used as a soil treatment agent. After being sprayed on the surface of the soil, the weeds are killed without being unearthed after spraying under the conditions of good soil moisture. It has good control effect on annual grass weeds, and it is also effective for some small-leaf weeds, such as Amaranthus retroflexus, Purslane, and rabbit silk.

Usage: Soybean planting before planting, then timely sowing spray, using 43% of alachlor 320 ml per acre, spraying 30 kg of water. Be uniform when spraying, neither leaking or re-spraying. For the combination of broadleaf weeds and 80% broad grass clear, the formula is: 43% alachlor 320 ml per acre plus 80% broad grass clear 50 g, mix and spray 30 kg of water.

In Huaibei and Huaihei areas, many farmers have the habit of no-tillage and sowing soybeans. The surface of beans is often covered with a large amount of wheat straw. To ensure that the chemicals can be applied to the surface, the poisonous soil method can be adopted. The preparation method is as follows: 320 ml of alachlor is diluted with 0.5 kg of water, and then sprayed on 2 kg of fine dry soil with a sprayer, and mixed with spray to prepare toxic soil. Soybean is drowned in time after sowing. If the rain is better, then 2 kg of poisonous soil will be evenly sprinkled in an acre of soybean fields, and the medicament can play a good sealing role. The same herbicidal effect as the spray can be obtained.

Source: Modern Rural Newspaper
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