One hundred square meters of house decoration how much money can not be missed home improvement details

Renovation costs are not a small sum of money. The size of a 100-square-foot house is quite large, making it a favorite among many buyers. How much is the 100-square-meter house to decorate ? Xiao Bian has collected some information. Let's work together to find out how much money is needed for the next hundred square meters of house decoration .

100 square meters of house decoration how much money

1. The simple decoration project generally includes the complete construction of the kitchen and bathroom space, the installation of other space floors and doors, and the painting or wallpapering of the wall surface, the most basic decoration method. This kind of decoration price is composed of labor cost and basic material cost, and the quotation in the market is roughly between 6-80,000.

2. The medium decoration is more complete than the simple decoration project, and the kitchen and space construction is more perfect. After the decoration, it can be moved in directly without worrying about the purchase of furniture products. This kind of decoration is the most common one at present. The medium decoration price in the market is generally around 100,000, but when it comes to the budget, it will float one or two thousand yuan.

3. High-grade decoration is the luxurious decoration we often say. On the medium-level renovation projects, luxury furniture is added. With respect to luxury decoration, there is no limit to the cost, mainly depending on the price level of the selected decoration materials and furniture. In this type of renovation, the proportion of labor costs is not large, and the overall renovation is generally not less than 150,000 yuan.

The above prices are from the Internet and are for reference only. Please refer to the specific quotation from the local decoration company.

One hundred square meters of house decoration considerations

1. Choosing different decoration methods will directly affect the overall cost of the home improvement. When the decoration is done, if the decoration user chooses to provide materials and the decoration company gives out the manual, the cost of each item should be calculated clearly. At the same time should determine the style of home improvement, easy to estimate the cost of renovation according to the actual situation.

2. In the decoration budget, the material cost accounted for a large proportion, accounting for roughly 30% or 40%, which shows the importance of this expenditure. When decoration users are usually free, they can go to the building materials market to understand and compare the prices of decoration materials. Then according to the brand, model, construction process and other aspects of the material to decorate the production of budget quotations.

3. In the decoration process, the budget is in addition to material costs, in fact, is also composed of other costs, such as management fees and garbage clearance freight. The management fee is generally the transportation reserve of the construction party for the material, etc. The garbage clearance freight refers to the garbage removal cost incurred during the construction process. The price of these two items is very high. It is necessary to consult with the decoration company to avoid random price increases.

With regard to how much money a house of 100 square meters needs to be decorated , Xiao Bian introduced it here for the time being, hoping to help you. If you want to learn more about 100-square-foot house decoration related knowledge, you can pay attention to this site information, more exciting content waiting for you.

House Renovation House Renovation Considerations How Much Money Does a 100 Square Meter House Renovation

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