Water stop belt _ water stop difference

Water stop belt _ water stop difference

The difference between the waterstop and the waterstop is that the waterstop is often used for construction in temperature shrinkage joints, settlement joints, etc., and the waterstops are used in construction joints. From the point of view of function, the water stop belt is mostly made of rubber, and can only function as a water stop. The water stop strip is in the construction joint and will expand when it meets water, thereby functioning as a water stop.

1. The water stop strip is not the same as the water stop strip. The water stop strip can be made by adding the corresponding filler to the rubber.

2. The water-swellable rubber has superior characteristics and advantages compared with the general-purpose rubber. This kind of rubber produces 2-3 times expansion deformation after water contact, and fills all irregular surfaces, cavities and gaps of the joint, and at the same time generates huge contact pressure to completely prevent leakage. When the seam or the construction joint is displaced, causing the gap to exceed the elastic range of the material, the ordinary rubber water stop material loses the water stopping effect. The material can also be stopped by water swelling. The use of water-swellable rubber as a sealing and sealing material not only saves the amount, but also eliminates the characteristic of elastic fatigue caused by excessive compression of the general elastic material, so that the waterproof effect is more reliable.

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The following Hengshui Yifeng Technology Co., Ltd. Xiaobian then introduce the difference between the water stop and the water stop:

After the water stop is expanded by water absorption, it can be in close contact with the concrete, and the gap in the concrete is blocked to achieve the water stopping effect. Because there are some unforeseen problems in the construction, the use of waterstops can avoid problems. The water stop strip is round and long, and the overall construction is simple. However, there are some situations to be noted when installing: First, the steel bar is dense, which makes the water stop bar difficult to install. Second, the time is long, and the water stop bar absorbs moisture and expands. The effect is not good; the third is that the construction joint is not flat, resulting in poor contact, these need to be considered during installation. Usually, the water stop strip is installed in the secondary part and the place where the requirements are not strict, and the water stop effect is slightly inferior to the water stop belt.

The water stop belt can be used with 651, 653 type water stop belts with widths of 200-350. The water stop effect is better, but it is not well controlled during installation. Once it is not well controlled, when pouring concrete, the waterstop can easily become unsatisfactory due to shock, which has a greater impact on the water stopping effect. The water stop belt is mostly made of rubber, so the whole is relatively soft, and it is easy to be deformed. It is not straight to the installation, and it is easy to be damaged by the lead wire. Some construction units feel troublesome and often prefer to use the water stop strip.

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 Solid Propellant Fastening System  is firstly invented by our company in China. Not like as other Direct Fastening System, it only includes two parts: Tool and Powered pin. For the pins are joined to energy(Powder or solid propellant) by plastic part. Like this, we can do fastening work very rapidly. Especially for Ceiling fastening, we can do it just in floor, which is much  faster than traditional way. No ladder required. No dust. Low nosie. 

We can provide two kinds of Powered pins:  double-base powder (DB series) and solid propellant( nitro-cotton,SP series). DB series can provide very steady and strong fastening. SP series can not only provide very steady fastening, but also can provide no-lead worksite requirements. For the system is 100% lead free in compliance with OSHA (CFR 1926.62). What's more,It is classified as non-explosive allowing for standard shipping and storage of the fasteners. The result is a system that stresses operations and environmental safety.

Our tool can be both used for two series.

  In daily production and life, people use a lot of expansion screws, and let the expansion screws into the base ,need to punch, punch is a troublesome thing, especially need a lot of time. The integrated nail assembly (powder actuated Drive Pins ,or solid propllant Drive pin) is an innovation of nail fastening technology. It eliminates the troublesome punching work and replaces the small size expansion screw. It is an advanced modern fastening technology and has many advantages over the traditional embedded fixation (hole drilling, pouring, bolt connection). It uses the energy of gunpowder and uses the kinetic energy to shoot bullets, which produces high-energy airflow and instantly pushes the nails in the fastener tube into the matrix (concrete, steel) at a high speed. It has its own energy, so as to get rid of the wire, duct cumbersome, convenient for the site and altitude work; Fast operation, short construction period, can greatly reduce the construction labor intensity; The function is reliable and safe, can solve some difficult construction difficulties; Save money, save cost.
    Integrated nail pendant(Powered Drive pins ,) and special nail injecter(Actuated Tool) are widely used in the construction of various architectural decoration suspended ceiling; Bridge, tunnel, dam construction of various line pipe; Telecommunications engineering construction; Heating ventilation, floor heating line pipe construction; 3-10mm steel plate connection; Insulation materials and network construction; All kinds of metal connectors are fixed; Dry hanging construction of building exterior wall. Such as: fixed doors and Windows, insulation board, sound insulation layer, decorations, pipes (water pipes, wire pipes, air pipes), steel parts, wood products, etc., are firmly connected with the base material. A special nail shooter acts as a hammer.
     Compared with the traditional expansion bolt construction technology, the integrated Screw Power pins (SPZ) has a high efficiency of 5-20 times, and the comprehensive cost is less than 1/3 of the original. ABS Plastic shell in normal temperature air moistureproof, no spontaneous combustion, no self-detonation, friction does not detent, in the case of open fire detonation does not have harm, with the characteristics of long-term storage, high safety of the product, so that transport, storage, use more convenient without hidden dangers.
     It is a revolution in the construction field to replace the small expansion bolt (below M12, here is to refer the SPZ type), and the social value and social benefits should not be underestimated.


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