70 square meters of interior decoration how much money 70 square meters of interior decoration matters needing attention

In contemporary society, buying a home to buy a car has become a necessity for every family. Everyone with a house is faced with renovation problems that have already troubled many people. So, 70 square meters of interior decoration to how much money? 70 square meters of interior decoration have what are the points of attention? The following small series for you to explain.

70 square meters of interior decoration how much money

1. Many people can't give a definitive answer on how much money a decoration will cost. Because decoration is affected by many aspects, such as decoration materials, decoration styles and so on. Ordinary floor tiles in the decoration materials are about 90-100 yuan per square. If some brand tiles are more expensive. In the decoration, tiles are sometimes cut and some are broken, so the tile area should be increased by 3%-8%.

2. There are a wide variety of bathroom equipment in the market and the prices are not the same, but do not buy the very cheap ones, because the quality is quite poor. Like toilets, faucets, toilets, bath kits, paper boxes, soap boxes, towel bars, mirrors, trays, Yuba, floor drains and other health equipment, about 2000-3000 yuan.

3. How much does the 70-sqm interior decoration cost? Because of the small size of the small-sized apartment, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of style in the purchase of electrical appliances. For example, we can choose thin and lightweight for TV, and the water heater must use a smaller water tank. . However, it also depends on the location and type of installation of these appliances.

4. For a family's suite door, personal advice on the use of composite solid wood will be strong, because the door is a home umbrella, to be durable. Composite solid wood door price of about each set of about 1,000 yuan (including Baile door locks, thicker hinges, door stopper).

5. The price of lamps like mirror headlights, bedroom lamps, living room headlights, etc. is about 3,000 yuan. For wall and floor tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, it is recommended to use better quality ones. These tiles cost about 75 yuan per square meter.

6. The wall paint in each room is about 30 yuan per square meter. When choosing the paint, be sure to choose a good quality, otherwise it will be easy to blistering. The wall size is generally multiplied by 3 as the wall area.

70 square meters of interior decoration matters needing attention

1. The simple decoration style of the 70-square-meter interior decoration house is better, not only saves money, but also makes full use of space. Like modern minimalist style, simple American, simple European style and simple pastoral are all suitable. These styles of decoration are not many furniture in the room, as long as they can meet the use. This kind of small house should pay attention to service and practicality.

2. A 70-square-metre interior-fitting house can become 90 square meters if it can use space rationally. When decorating, try to use light colors or mirror decoration to make the space more visually pleasing. The window can be designed as a rectangular bay window protruding outwards, so that the use area can be expanded, and a small transformation can be transformed into a leisure area or a small study room.

3. The 70-square-metre interior-fitting house can be designed with multiple functional areas so that it does not occupy too much area. An integrated structure like a living room dining room can be used as a simple empty partition with a screen or a low wall in the middle.

The article concludes: The price of a small-sized house is determined by the cost and expense of the material, the style of decoration, and the choice of full or half-pack. The prices and considerations of the above 70 square meters of interior decoration house hope to help you. The above prices are for reference only.

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