Tianjin intelligent anti-theft lock 4.0 era

2017-, Artificial Intelligence (AI) smart locks have been exposed. Nowadays, with the influx of more companies, the competition in the smart lock industry has entered a state of rapid development and homogenization. Against this background, smart lock companies without R&D strength have no alternative but to imitate and play low-priced cards.
Therefore, many smart lock companies that do not dare to lag behind in order to get rid of homogeneity, are also seeking new ways to become industry leaders. In the context of artificial intelligence fires, many smart locks unlocked their attention to the artificial intelligence body, which opened the 4.0 era of smart lock artificial intelligence.
According to the explanation of Baidu Encyclopedia, artificial intelligence is a discipline that studies computer-aided simulations of certain thought processes and intelligent behaviors (such as learning, reasoning, thinking, planning, etc.), mainly including the principle of computer-aided intelligence, manufacturing similar to the human brain. Intelligent computers enable computers to achieve higher-level applications.
The use of artificial intelligence in the field of smart locks mainly realizes seamless connection and communication between people, machines, and systems, allowing door locks to have basic judgment and learning capabilities, so as to realize intelligent use; at the same time, through the use of big data. Support, smart locks can analyze and learn the user's unlocking habits and usage habits, and then translate them into machine thinking through analysis of user habits, thereby providing users with a better experience.
For example, a smart lock with self-learning can continuously update and learn the operation during user unlocking, and then further improve the accuracy and speed of unlocking during the learning process, and substantially increase the fingerprint recognition rate. In other words, smart locks. The more you use it, the faster you will use it;
For another example, smart locks can make judgments and analysis every day according to the usual home and child time points for the elderly and children at home, in addition to notifying the user every day of their entry and exit conditions and unlocking records, if they are not in peacetime. The smart lock will inform the user when the door is not opened or closed in time within the time period when the door is frequently opened and closed, and the user is reminded to confirm whether they are safe.
Today, although such smart locks have begun to be used commercially, the Smart Lock artificial intelligence 4.0 era has only just begun. Therefore, there are still many human-machine interactions, human-machine smart interconnections, and autonomous learning functions to be developed. But this must be the future trend. Have you prepared for the arrival of the Smart Lock 4.0 era?

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