The second bedroom decoration four major secondary bedroom decoration should pay attention to what issues

Most people usually pay more attention to the decoration of the master bedroom when decorating a new house, but there is no special attention to the decoration of the second bedroom. However, the decoration of the second bedroom affects the decoration effect of the whole house. Therefore, we cannot ignore the decoration of the second bedroom. Then, how should the second bedroom be renovated? The following and Xiao Bian together to see the second bedroom decoration four major skills and second bedroom decoration should pay attention to what issues.

First and second bedroom decoration four skills

1. There will be a certain gap between the second bedroom ceiling and the closet. This is a dead end. You can make these dead ends into a small storage tool so that you can make full use of every inch of the second bedroom. You can also use We include thing temporarily used.

2, the general secondary bedroom area is relatively small, in this case may wish to use the line to stretch the visual, both sides of the window as far as possible, so that natural light can enter, and then use the room permeability can effectively play a role in the expansion of space, The horizontal lines of the bed can achieve the effect of stretching visually.

3, the second bedroom is a place to rest, so cover must be done well, which requires you to make reasonable plans for the layout. If you want to increase the utilization of bedroom space, then you must use gadgets, but you should also avoid the appearance of improper phenomena.

4. The secondary bedroom has a small space. For the bed and the wardrobe, it can be placed against the wall and leave some space. This frees up more space for activities and makes the bedroom more spacious.

Second, the second bedroom decoration should pay attention to what issues

1, area and orientation

The area of ​​the second bedroom will be smaller than the size of the main bedroom, while the second bedroom is generally located in the east, west and north directions. Therefore, when designing the second bedroom decoration, it is necessary to fully consider the characteristics of the second bedroom, and it is not possible to apply the decoration design of the master bedroom. Otherwise, it is difficult to achieve the desired decoration effect.

2, function settings

Some families will set up many functions in the bedroom, such as: studios, storage rooms, and so on. Therefore, for the second bedroom renovation, we must first determine the future function settings, and only in this way can we give the most practical decoration design.

3, practical decoration

When considering the practicality of the second bedroom, it cannot be overly complicated to decorate. It is mainly simple and comfortable. This will not only save the decoration cost, but also make it comfortable to live.

4, lighting

For the second bedroom lighting simple, pay attention not to use downlights. Now, many homes use fewer and fewer wall lamps. The main reason is that they have a small range of lighting and a relatively simple style. Nowadays, few people use it.

Xiao Bian summary: The above is the second bedroom decoration four major skills and second bedroom decoration should pay attention to what the relevant issues, and hope to help everyone. The second bedroom decoration can not be too luxurious, but more emphasis on practical decoration, in fact, are all good choices. It is enough to ensure the privacy of the bedroom and the basic quality of sleep. For more home improvement related content, please pay attention to this site, or you can visit this site under the line of experience directly consulting.

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