Luzhou decoration company which is careful to choose not to lose

Although Zhangzhou is not an international metropolis, the popularity of the decoration market is not at a loss, and the decoration company is also very much. For those who intend to decorate in Luzhou, this is both a good thing and an annoyance. There is more room for selection, but it is easier to pick the right eye. The following Xiao Bian went to count the owner friends of Zhangzhou to take stock of what the decoration company of Cangzhou is worth to “entrust” the decoration business.

Luzhou decoration company 1, actually Yuanzhou decoration

Luzhou actually Yuanzhou Decoration Company officially settled in Luzhou in 2010. After many years of operation, it has established a good reputation in the local area. Luzhou actually Yuanzhou Decoration Company follows the development strategy of the group “Home Furnishings-Home-Human Living Environment” and upholds integrity. The innovative spirit of enterprise, with all-round, high-quality home services, creates quality, stylish, and comfortable living space for consumers in Zhangzhou. Based on the market characteristics of Ganzhou, the local culture and the needs of consumers, we have carefully developed home products and services with local characteristics, and strive to bring modern design concepts, mature decoration management systems and professional services.

Quzhou Decoration Co., Ltd. 2. The Peak of Quzhou Industry

Cangzhou Yifeng Decoration Co., Ltd. was established in May 2008 and is part of Beijing Zhifeng Decoration (Group) Co., Ltd. It is a professional company with architectural qualifications and design qualifications. It is a professional company for architectural design, decoration and construction. , Cangzhou Yezhifeng Decoration Co., Ltd. has opened branches in Hejian and Huangpi since 2009, and opened a store in Hongzhou Meikailong in 2012. The peak of the industry is to build a sound service and operating model. With a natural, harmonious, safe and low-cost design philosophy, construction techniques, building materials and service systems, we are committed to creating a healthy and harmonious human settlement environment for the residents of Zhangzhou.


Luzhou Decoration Company 3, Luzhou Star Art Decoration

Cangzhou Xingyi Decoration was established on May 26, 2010 and is mainly engaged in mid-to-high-rise renovation of homes, villas, office buildings, shops, restaurants, and hotels. The company has design department, engineering department, quality inspection department, materials department, finance department and after-sales service department and other functional departments. Since entering the city of Zhangzhou, the company has always adhered to the principle of “doing decoration=being friends”, and has always been “letting every customer satisfied” and “make good use of every penny of the owner” as its duty, with sincerity as its tenet and quality The service has won the trust and love of the general public.

Quzhou Decoration Company 4, Zhangzhou Liankuo Decoration

Ganzhou Liankuo Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. has become one of the famous brands in the home industry in China with leading advantages in scale, specialization, branding, grouping, and industrialization. Luzhou City Liankuo Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. takes the concept of “Heart to be Naturally Valuable” as the development concept, and “Customer satisfaction is the sole criterion for evaluating our work” to serve the purpose of the enterprise and lead the home culture. Based on its own brand appeal and home furnishing industry chain as the main line, based on the mid-to-high end home decoration design and construction, materials and furniture and accessories supply, real estate real estate decoration design, industry professional research and analysis, and other directions, the depth of relevant industries Home integration and resource optimization integration, build China's most competitive decoration industry and brand echelon, form a strategic system and pattern of simultaneous development.


Luzhou Decoration Company 5, Cangzhou Xidian Decoration

Xidian Decoration Design Co., Ltd. is a professional company in the design and decoration industry. We have a professional team with abundant years of experience, a stable construction team with rich construction experience, and a scientific management system, innovative interior space design, and experienced construction teams based on the decoration and design market in Zhangzhou. We are meticulously designed and refined. Doing the principle of “customer supremacy” provides our customers with time-saving, worry-free, labor-saving and cost-saving professional design and decoration solutions.

Luzhou Decoration Co., Ltd.

Senna Spring is a national brand leader in home improvement, one-stop service, to solve all the decoration pain points. Senna Spring has its own brand of main materials, long warranty, package main material, package construction, package supervision, package sales, to build a simple decoration business like takeaway!


Zhangzhou Decoration Company 7. Bozhou Mingyu

Botou Mingyu Home Decoration Design Department is a company that specializes in the design of high-end home interior design, high-end sales offices, clubs, offices and other public interior design and soft furnishings design and professional construction team.

There are a lot of decoration companies in Luzhou. Here only a few are listed for reference when choosing a decoration company. If you want to know more about the decoration company in Zhangzhou, you can pay attention to this site.

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