10 sanitary wares that have to be known

Damping buffer cover:

Different from the general toilet seat cover, this kind of cover plate with damping buffer function can eliminate the harsh noise generated when the cover plate and the toilet ring are closed, but uses the frictional resistance principle to make the damping buffer cover plate down. When you close it, you can slow down without any noise.

Whale bathroom dream series smart toilet flip cover adopts buffer automatic damping, the water tank design uses live water cleaning, combined with segmented vortex siphon technology, there is no residual residual water inside, the flushing is more thorough, and love life is more clean. The water source uses an instant heating device to enjoy unlimited warm water without waiting, and intimately care for every inch of skin.

Water seal:

Water in the pool surface of the toilet. It can prevent odor overflow in the sewage pipe or small insects from crawling out.

Pit distance:

Generally speaking, the pit distance refers to the vertical distance from the wall to the center point of the toilet drain. It is generally divided into 300mm and 400mm pit distances, and there are also special pit distances. Therefore, we must first measure the size before purchasing the toilet. .

Water cover:

The water surface in the toilet surface, the wider the water surface, the surface is not susceptible to dirt.

Flushing type:

The flushing method of flushing the stolen goods out of the toilet bowl surface by the drop of the water level.

Siphon type:

SiphonWashCloset Siphon is a siphon phenomenon formed by flushing water in a sewage pipe (commonly called a trap) of a toilet to remove dirt. The structure of the rainbow water absorber is that there is a complete pipe in the toilet body. The shape is in the shape of a side-up "S". The water level difference in the water supply promotes the formation of the siphon effect. Since the water is not washed away by the hydraulic force, the slope of the pool wall is slow, and the bottom of the pool also enlarges the water storage area, which solves the problem. The disadvantage of flushing too much noise.

Flushing type:

(BlowoutWaterCloset) A flushing method that uses a strong water flow (typically a "1" inlet pipe) to flush the waste out of the toilet bowl. The sputum can be quickly washed out at the moment of rinsing, the washing effect is good, and the pipeline is not easy to block. The flushing type uses the momentum of the water flow to discharge the dirt. In order to increase the hydraulic power falling from the water dividing hole around the toilet ring, the wall of the pool is generally designed to be steep, and the water concentration is small, and the water storage area of ​​the pool is designed to be small. The water noise is large, and at the same time, due to the small water seal area, scale is easily generated.

Jet siphon type:

It is a modified type of siphon-type toilet. It is characterized by the addition of a spray attachment on the basis of the siphon toilet. The injection port is aligned with the center of the inlet of the sewage pipe. The caliber is usually 20 mm.

When the water supplied from the water tank passes through the water ring, part of the water flowing out of the cleaning pool wall falls into the pool, and part of it passes through the injection channel to be ejected from the injection port. Its function is to discharge the dirt into the sewage pipe by its large water flow impulse. At the same time, the large-diameter water flow accelerates the filling of the sewage pipeline to promote the siphoning acceleration. Since the jet is carried out under water, the noise is not increased, but the noise problem is improved. The design of the product is designed. , consciously expand the water storage area, limit the depth of water retention, because of the deodorant, splash-proof effect.

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