In-depth development of garbage classification into community publicity activities

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In order to further improve the understanding of garbage classification among residents and adolescents in the jurisdiction, master the basic common sense of garbage classification, and create a good atmosphere for environmental protection and family participation in the jurisdiction. In August, Muxi Town of Wuzhong District actively carried out garbage classification into the community. activity.

On August 17, the Zhuyuan Community used the electronic screens, banners, brochures, propaganda bags, and garbage sorting panels to promote the classification of garbage. In addition, the garbage sorting supervisors guide the residents to how to properly deliver during the peak hours, and do a good job in propagating and supervising the work. It is hoped that community residents can actively participate in the practice of waste sorting, so as to continuously improve the awareness of community residents to take good care of environmental sanitation, develop a good habit of garbage sorting, and gradually introduce waste sorting into thousands of households and enter residents. In the heart.

On the afternoon of August 18th, the Huayuan Community Work Committee Summer School Counseling Station held a lecture on garbage classification knowledge. The relevant person in charge of the community vividly introduced a series of knowledge about the classification of domestic garbage and which garbage belongs to non-recyclable garbage, and combined with glass bottles, paper, medicines, batteries, plastic bottles, etc., to teach you how to treat these different garbage on the spot. sort. In addition, I also introduced the use of disposable tableware and disposable daily necessities in life, and reduced the method of purchasing over-packaged products. After the lecture, the teenagers indicated that they would consciously join the action of garbage sorting.

On August 19th, the Lujiang Community held a lecture on garbage classification knowledge. In order to let residents further grasp the requirements and practices of garbage sorting, in the lectures of more than one hour, the harm of garbage by community workers, such as plastic products and plastic bags, will be degraded in 20 to 30 years, and one button battery can pollute 600,000. The water, etc., and how to sort the garbage, how to clear and recycle after sorting, etc., explained and explained in detail. The event also carried out a prize-winning quiz, and the children participated enthusiastically and raised their hands.

It is reported that since the introduction of garbage into community activities, Jinyun Garden and Minjiang City Garden in the jurisdiction of Minjiang Community have been rated as municipal and district-level garbage classification pilot communities. Through this lecture, the community hopes to have a more comprehensive understanding of the necessity and importance of waste sorting, so that students can drive parents and parents to promote the community and lay a solid foundation for the implementation of waste sorting.

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