Firefighters explain fire self-help methods for you

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To the needs of the people, the fire brigade will appear at our side for the first time. This is a common understanding of fire fighters among ordinary people.

Although the firefighters were quick to fire police, the fire was rapid. Before the fire fighters reached the fire, trapped people needed to save themselves.

Recently, Shi Mingjin, a firefighter at the united road squadron of the Tianshan District Brigade of the Public Security Fire Brigade of Urumqi City, sent such a “self-help guide” to the masses.

Eliminate hidden dangers and prevent "burning"

Firefighting and firefighting are intended to eliminate and prevent. The key is to prevent problems before they occur.

“A lot of the fires that we involved in the rescue were caused by a cigarette butt, an unplugged mobile phone socket, and an unconscious attention to kitchen cooking.” Shi Mingjin said.

Entering school, entering the community, and entering the company... In these days, Shi Mingjin preached two or three times a day, but the most talked about was to eliminate hidden dangers and prevent problems.

"As the saying goes, a cigarette can destroy Wanzhanglou. Many of the details you overlook are often the root cause of fire," Shi Mingjin said.

What details need to be taken preventive measures? Shi Mingjin suggested that in the use of electric furnaces, electric blankets, electric heaters and other equipment, to avoid the aging of the line, often caused by damage to the wire and cause fire, especially in places like the kitchen easy to use more fuel.

At the same time, it is necessary to prevent fires caused by heating of the fire, and it is forbidden to ignite with flammable materials such as gasoline, kerosene, and alcohol when heating the fire, do not stack flammable materials around the stove, and do not use heating equipment to bake clothes.

Once a gas leak is found, immediately close the gas valve and stove switch and open the doors and windows. At this time do not switch any electrical indoor or use the phone indoors, found neighbors gas leakage should immediately knock on the door notice, do not use the doorbell.

In addition, the dense population of campuses, shopping malls, and companies is also a recurrence of fire.

Shi Mingjin said that the general public should protect fire-fighting facilities, do not block fire-fighting passages, carry fires, inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, etc. into the campus and public places or take public transportation.

Correctly dialing " 119 " can save lives

If you really do get caught in the fire, everyone's first reaction must be: The fire should be dialed " 119. "

"I'm on fire! My house is on fire. You quickly come up! There are too many telephones in such a panic that you don't make it clear." Shi Mingjin said.

Shi Mingjin said: “When you call the police, you must first remember that the telephone number of the fire is ' 119 ', which we all know, but many people will dial the wrong number or even not speak in panic, which will delay the alarm time.”

What is the correct way of alerting?

Shi Mingjin introduced that after an alarm call is connected, it must be calm and calm. It is necessary for the docking police to clarify the detailed address of the place where the fire occurred, including the street or name, the house number, the obvious building or unit, and clarify the burning items such as chemical raw materials and oil. Classes, etc., as well as the size of the fire, whether personnel are trapped and so on.

In addition, the alarm personnel also need to report the name and the telephone number used so that the fire department can understand the situation in time and mobilize the fire fighting force. At the same time, immediately go to the intersection to pick up fire engines to guide the fire engines to the fire scene quickly.

In addition to flustering alarms, there are reports of information errors that have caused fire fighters to suffer.

Firefighter Yan Xiaoxing has encountered similar cases. During the execution of a fire incident in a private house, it was learned that the sheep of the fellow villagers were still in the sheep pen. Therefore, Yan Xiaoxing risked entering the sheepfold with a heavy smoke, and he did not find the sheep in a search and rescue circle. As a result, the fire-fighting air breathing apparatus lacked oxygen. Yan Xiaoxing almost choked.

"Fortunately, I climbed out of the smoke in a timely manner. After I came out, I heard that the two sheep that were originally said were not in the sheep pen but sold. I was really tired and helpless. The property of the fellow villager was not lost," Yan Xiaoxing said.

Fire self-help guide: escape scared

When a common room starts to catch fire, the flame will spread to the entire room within 3 minutes. The smoke is also toxic, deep in the fire, and must escape every minute.

How can we save ourselves in the face of heavy smoke and flames?

Shi Mingjin’s proposal is: When a fire occurs, first of all, be calm and not panic. You must look at the geographical environment of the fire scene, distinguish the escape route in time, make the most correct judgment, and then quickly withdraw. Don't covet your belongings. Don't take the elevator. Be sure to take the stairs.

"If you can't open the door, you should choose a window to escape, or use a weapon to break the window and increase the circulation of air. If you can't jump and escape, you can increase the air supply," Shi Mingjin said.

In the case of a large fire, self-protection should be used to protect the mouth and nose with a wet towel to prevent poison gas from entering the abdominal cavity. It is best to choose to escape from the scene by licking or crawling.

Once trapped by the fire, we must actively take emergency refuge measures.

Shi Mingjin said that some large-scale integrated multi-functional buildings will generally set up evacuation rooms near common elevators, stairs, public toilets, and at the end of corridors. When there is a home fire, depending on the actual situation, such as the use of balconies and other flammable materials to facilitate the evacuation of space with the outside world.

"Every fire will give people warnings in the most cruel way. I hope that the general public can always be vigilant and learn more about fire self-help methods," Shi Mingjin said.

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